The best bath bombs to upgrade your tub time

Bath bombs have a fizzing, overly-scented and garishly coloured reputation, but right now they are making a bid to reclaim their reputation . Newer options use natural ingredients and good-for skin oils so your body feels great and your mind soothed with aromatic elements. 

Let’s face it, having the time and inclination for a leisurely soak is a luxury itself, but adding a sensorial upgrade in the form of a dissolving bath soak, bath bomb or tablet that includes skin-nourishing ingredients and subtle, beautiful scent takes the tub to a whole new level. 

Extra points when there’s elements of dried flower petals for that luxe spa vibe!

Here are our pick of the best bath additives so you can soak the day away. 

Don’t have a bath? Try Anihana’s shower steamers or Lush’s Showerbombs.

Lush Butterball bath bomb

The brand is partly responsible for establishing the (admittedly fun) craze for multi-coloured, glitter filled and strongly scented bath bombs, Lush also has some more low-key options like Butterball, which sees Fair trade organic cocoa butter disperse into your bath to leave skin soft and hydrated and scented with ylang ylang. 

Ouai Chill Pills

These tongue in cheek ‘Chill Pills’ bath bombs are even shaped like pills, and have a soothing aroma of jasmine and rose as well as containing natural hemp, jojoba and safflower seed oils to leave skin in great shape long after you exit the tub.

Salt By Hendrix Cleanse Rose Soak

Don’t expect any fizzing, but this beautiful bath soak is well worth a try. It contains dead sea and epsom salts as well as pink and white French clay, intended to gently cleanse skin. The sprinkle of red rose petals adds a desirable aesthetic to your soak.

Botanical Sweet Orange & Calendula bath bomb

We were initially beguiled by the clever twisted tube packaging but the thoughtfully created blends in NZ brand Botanical’s bath bombs had us convinced.  This sweet orange and calendula version calms the skin and gives you a little aromatic pick me up in the process.

Bathorium J’adore Matcha bath bomb

Bathorium’s bathbombs are slightly larger than most so there’s enough to go around if you’re a fan of a deep water level. This version uses premium grade blended matcha with a silky combination of butters and peppermint oils.

FENQT Chocolate Salt bath bomb

One for the Aussies as they don’t ship anywhere else just yet, but creative and cool new bath bomb brand FENQT is shaking up the bath bomb landscape with their unique forms (theres a red wine bottle too) and 100% recycled paper packaging that makes a great gift.

Anihana Raspberry Marshmallow bath bomb

Yes it’s bright but we couldn’t resist including Anihana’s raspberry marshmallow bath bomb, for the sweet tooths among us. Made with natural ingredients including coconut oil it’s a more vibrant option if you do enjoy a touch of colour in the water.

How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

A great set of make-up brushes is essential if you want to create a flawless complexion and head-turning beauty look – you can discover our favourite must-have make-up brushes right here. Because you’re most likely using them on a day-to-day basis, knowing how to clean your make-up brushes is not only essential if you want them to last the distance, but is crucial if you want your complexion to be healthy and luminous.

Make-up brushes are notorious for harbouring bacteria. And if you forget to clean your brushes regularly you could end up subjecting your skin to unwanted breakouts, congested pores, and irritation and inflammation.

To help keep your skin glowing and healthy and to keep your brushes in tip-top condition, here are our top tips for how to clean your make-up brushes.

How to Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

Bobbi Brown Conditioning Brush Cleanser ($40); Sephora Collection Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner ($14); MAC Brush Cleanser ($30); MECCA MAX Sponge & Brush Shampoo ($22); Clinique Makeup Brush Cleanser ($37)

How often should you clean your make-up brushes?

Unless you’re a make-up artist, you don’t need to clean your make-up brushes each time you use them. Instead, you should aim to give your brushes a quick clean each week and a thorough wash once a month.

If you’re borrowing someone else’s make-up brushes or lending your brushes to a friend, the make-up artist rule does apply: ensure that make-up brushes are cleaned before they are used on someone else.

How should I clean my make-up brushes?

A great spray-on make-up brush cleanser should do the trick for your once-a-week clean, provided you’re the only one using them. Look for an antibacterial spray, such as MECCA MAX Brush Refresh Mist that has been designed to get the job done quickly. Simply spritz onto your brushes and then used a tissue or cloth to remove make-up.

When it comes to your monthly clean it pays to invest in a make-up brush shampoo. Avoid using household detergents as they can destroy the bristles. Gently work your chosen cleanser through the bristles before running through warm water to rinse thoroughly.

Although it can be tempting to speed up the drying process with the likes of a hairdryer, applying heat to your brushes can damage the brushes and change the shape of brushes. Instead, find a flat surface, such as a table, and lie them flat with the bristles overhanging the edge of the surface so brushes maintain their shape as they dry.