The 4 Make-up Trends set to Change our Beauty Routines

The beauty experts have spoken – here are the four make-up trends you need to know about for 2019.

A Bespoke Approach
Jacob Stanley, national training manager for MECCA Brands, believes make-up is going to become less about following rules and more about making make-up work for you. “It will be about subtle statements,” he says. “It won’t be about trends or following tutorials to create a specific look from hairline to the neckline.” Rather than reaching for the same eyeshadow day after day, we’ll create unique looks to suit ourselves and our lifestyles. “We’ll all be making choices each day and each night about what feature we want to accentuate and we’ll allow our mood to help guide us there,” Stanley says. It means we could see bright neon, colour-blocked eyes with minimal mascara and no foundation or cheeks saturated in deep pigment with a vibrant lip Stanley explains. “It will be the result of people reading their mood for every occasion and being inspired by the ways they can express themselves with make-up in a way that’s personally flattering and non-conformist.” The key take-home message about the playful approach to make-up that is set to dominate is wear it in a way that empowers you. “It won’t be about looking like you’re trying to rebel. It’ll just be about reflecting your mood through your look,” he says.

Skincare and Make-up That Work Together
While we’ll continue to see more hybrid make-up-meets-skincare products launch in the future, skincare that has been designed with make-up application in mind will also change our beauty routines. “Some products can tend to slip and slide, and some skincare can even cause the foundation to separate,” explains Lochie Stonehouse, national make-up artist for YSL and Giorgio Armani New Zealand. “So I’m really excited about skincare that’s actually designed to be worn beneath make-up.” And we’re not just talking primers designed to help fix make-up in place; skincare that will help keep skin hydrated and deliver visible results while enhancing make-up is the way of the future. “Giorgio Armani Beauty has led the way inventing product-partnership technology, curating the Armani Prima range,” says Stonehouse. “Famous make-up artist Linda Cantello was brought on to work closely with Giorgio Armani Laboratories to create a range of skincare designed to team up with make-up.” Using hero moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, the range deeply hydrates the skin while ensuring the maximum longevity of make-up. Lip colour will continue to evolve and do more than just provide a serious colour payoff. YSL Beauty’s latest launch, Volupté Plump In Colour, nourishes while giving lips a hint of lustrous colour. “A black heart-shaped core combines cooling and refreshing peppermint oil with black pearl powder that plumps up the lips, giving them more volume. The outer side of the lipstick gives hydrating colour and a shiny finish to the lips,” explains Stonehouse.

Flaws and All
It doesn’t matter how genetically blessed you are or how well you take care of your skin, we all have flaws and imperfections that we occasionally turn to make-up to help disguise. Stonehouse believes that could all be set to change in 2019. “I believe that in the year to come people will be hiding less of their ‘flaws’ in lieu of a global movement that relates to embracing imperfections,” he says. Rather than caking on make-up to cover up, we’ll see a move towards embracing uniqueness and diversity where our skin is concerned. “We’re now seeing that less is sometimes more,” says Stonehouse. “And that the more make-up you apply, the more you’ll see it sitting on top of the skin.” And while the Instagram-Glam look isn’t going to disappear anytime soon from the beauty world, more of us are shunning unachievable beauty standards and accepting many of the beauty looks we see on social media are often manipulated by apps and Photoshop. Tracy May-Harriott, global director of education for Elizabeth Arden Pro and Priori, says the overdone make-up look isn’t sustainable. “Many consumers are realising that what we have seen in the fast rise of overdone make-up – filters, highlighting, contouring and Instagramming it all – is not something we do for a daily look long-term,” she says. “A push back to natural skin and health will return.” Stonehouse believes that rather than looking to Instagram for inspiration, in 2019 and beyond we need to turn to true experts for advice. “I believe we should turn back to luxury fashion campaigns and beauty looks created for European runway collections,” he says. “Read the advice of more experienced industry professionals, who work with the faces of real women.”

Future Foundations
Although more of us will turn to a thorough skincare regimen to help us achieve healthy, radiant skin, foundation will continue to be essential in our beauty routine. The lines between foundation and skincare will start to blur more believes Stanley. “Foundation will become part of our skincare regimen,” he says. “ It will block pollution, it will fight free-radical damage, it will block harmful light rays (Ultra Violet and blue light), it will help lock in hydration and it will help absorb excess oil. It will not just be paint.” As far as formulation textures and finishes are concerned, Stonehouse says that the radiant-enhancing foundations that defined 2018 will be a mainstay in the make-up world in 2019. “People that do prefer coverage will opt for glowier, skin-like foundations, moving away from too-matte formulas and over powdering.” He says future foundations will be designed to mimic skin while enhancing luminosity and being long-wearing. “Skin in its natural state is more glowy than it is matte. And because of the yearning for more naturally textured skin, 2019 will bring with it textures that are more glossy than matte.”

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