Rolex initiative inspires grand design

The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative is the company’s second major philanthropic programme, launched in 2002. It seeks out gifted young artists from around the world and brings them together with artistic masters for a year or more of mentoring and creative collaboration.

ln keeping with its tradition of supporting excellence, quality and performance, Rolex gives emerging artists time to learn, create and grow.

The 2018‚ąí2019 mentoring pair in architecture in the Rolex Mentor and Prot√©g√© Arts Initiative is Ghanaian-British architect Sir David Adjaye and his prot√©g√©e Mariam Kamara from Niger.

We take a look at some of the inspiring architectural design coming out of this worthy Rolex initiative.

Integrated home living inspired by luxury Italian design

Employed by a wide variety of luxury automobile manufacturers to design vehicles, including the likes of Ferrari and Maserati, Pininfarina epitomises classic Italian design.

Making the journey into the home space in which, for the first time, Pininfarina’s heritage in furniture has been combined with the innovative style in architecture and automobile interiors of the Italian design house.

The Pininfarina Segno range for Reflex imagines and realises solutions for interiors with a unique and distinctive character, in which the design of the space naturally marries the personality of the furniture. To give life to experiences in which form and function are integrated. To give shape to spaces conceived for a contemporary lifestyle. 

Reflex and Pininfarina present the first integrated Living system, that includes a modular sofa, a table, a cabinet, a bookcase and two lighting systems. The Collection is characterised by pure and elegant lines, by dynamic shapes that evolving in the space give shape to new functions.

For more on the Pininfarina Segno range for Reflex, availible at Sarsfield Brooke, click here