One Product You Should Never Put in Your Hair

The smell of fresh hair is intoxicating. Fruity shampoo infused into your strands, making it feel like you just escaped to the tropics. Delicious smelling hair might not always be healthy for your locks. We explain why, below.

It’s no secret that hair is great at holding on to scent but there is one thing you should never spray directly into hair… perfume.

There is a reason for this madness and it’s a simple one: perfume contains alcohol. Alcohol is very drying for hair, leaving it brittle to the touch and much more likely to suffer from breakage. So if you want to avoid hair that feels like hay, don’t spritz your hair next time you’re applying perfume.

For something just as sweet and much better for your hair, try a hair mist. They’re still perfumed but the alcohol content is much lower. So you can spray away! Bonus: because hair is so good at holding onto smell, your mist will last for ages so there’s no need to keep topping it up throughout the day.

Take a look at some of our favourite hair mists, below.

Put to the Test: Murad Technoceuticals Professional Peels

Our beauty editor puts the latest radiance-enhancing treatment from holistic skincare pioneers, Murad, to the test.

The Treatment

It can be confusing mulling over a facial menu figuring out which treatment is right for your skin type. Rather than treat all skin types with a one-size-fits-all approach, the Murad Technoceuticals Professional Peels take a bespoke approach to skin.

Recognising that no two of us have the same skin or concerns, the Technoceuticals Professional Peels consists of a graduated three-step system. While professional peels have often been associated with downtime due to irritation and redness, the Murad approach and your Caci therapist ensures your skin is treated with the right peel for your skin type.

There’s an AHA Rapid Exfoliator Peel, which is the perfect entry point into professional peels. It’s ideal for those that still want a healthy glow but have minimal skincare concerns or sensitive skin. The next step up, the Intensive peel, evens skin tone and enhances radiance. It is suited to those with more pronounced skin-ageing concerns and for skin types that are ready for a more intensive treatment. Level three, the powerful Retinol Dual-Phase Power Peel is suited to those with high tolerance or more advanced signs of ageing. It uses a potent retinol and niacinamide blend to enhance skin firmness and minimise lines and wrinkles.

The Verdict

While I’m told my skin type is ‘normal’ it tends to be a little on the dull and dehydrated side during winter. That being said, I have minimal pigmentation and ageing concerns. Caitlin, the assistant manager and senior beauty therapist at Caci Mt Eden, talks through my skin concerns – brightness and a little pigmentation – and assesses my skin thoroughly to work out which level Technoceuticals Peel is right for my skin. 

Caitlin decides to go with the AHA Rapid Exfoliator Peel, but first, my skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated. I’m told to expect a slight tingly sensation once the peel is applied. Caitlin describes the AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) in the peel like a little Pac-Man getting rid of my dead, dull skin cells. Depending on your skin’s tolerance the peel is left on for around five to seven minutes. The tingling is barely noticeable, but to confuse the skin’s nerve endings Caitlin massages the peel using cotton tips to reduce any discomfort. 

When seven minutes is up the peel is removed and the bespoke approach to your skin continues as a Murad mask suited to your complexion is applied. My dehydrated complexion is treated to a hydrating mask while my nose, which can get a little congested, gets the Murad Clarifying Mask applied to help draw out excess oil and impurities. Caitlin then takes me through my at-home regimen for the next few days – pay extra attention to applying sunscreen and serums and retinol for the next day.

Once my treatment is over I’m half expecting my skin to be a little red from the peel but my skin is glowing and feels smooth. A week later and the results are still obvious. My skin is clearer and brighter than usual, and I’m trying to find a spot in my schedule to book in a second peel and move up to level two of the Technoceuticals Peel system. 

The Murad Technoceuticals Peels are available at Caci nationwide and start from $140 for 60 minutes. Visit to find your nearest Caci clinic.


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