Minimalism meets monochromatic: Highlights from Coco Republic’s winter collection

Coco Republic’s Winter 2021 collection takes inspiration from European design, with a focus on clean lines and muted tones.

There are more than 150 new additions of furniture and homewares, featuring monochromatic pieces with minimalist shapes.

“Less in definitely more this winter; I am proud to show a juxtaposition of daring sculptural pieces teamed up with minimal forms,” says Anthony Spon-Smith, Coco Republic’s Creative Director and Co-Owner.

“We have used a refined choice of materials such as marble, leather, timber and textured upholstery to create a collection of simple interiors that let the products and product combinations do the aesthetic heavy lifting.”

Discover some of the highlights from the collection below:

The Kobe Sofa and the Atelier Occasional Chair

The mixed materials and modern lines of the new Kobe Sofa are bound to give your interiors a contemporary update. The sofa is available in customised fabrics and leathers.

The Newport Sofa and Sling Occasional Chair

For a more relaxed living room ambiance, the comfortable Newport Sofa is an inviting yet stylish option.

Oryan Occasional Chair & Orb Alabaster Floor Lamp

The Oryan chair makes a statement with its unique frame design, while offering comfort with its smooth leather upholstery.

Atelier Occasional Chair & Brix Floor Lamp

The Atelier Occasional Chair is a Coco Republic favourite which has been reimagined by Anthony Spon-Smith, now available in leather.

The Isabella desk

This winter, Anthony Spon-Smith will debut his new Isabella collection, an upgrade on the previous Isabelle collection. The range includes a desk, sideboard, bedside table, coffee table and bar cabinet with fluted glass panels adding a decidedly chic touch.

The Bleeker bookcase

The Bleeker collection is another striking new addition to the winter collection with a bookcase, coffee table, desk and side-table featuring a brass top finish which sits on block timber legs.

The Hermitage 4 Poster Bed and Radar Table Lamps.

Up the elegance in your bedroom with the new 4 Poster Bed from the Hermitage collection, which features a textured timber finish with metal accents and tapered legs. It’s also available as a more versatile low bed frame and with a matching bedside table.

Left to right: Eton Fossiled Timber, Buxton Ceramic Sculpture, Alston Cinder

The winter collection also presents an intriguing new collection of home accessories, including the hand-crafted Buxton Ceramic Sculpture and the Eton Fossiled Timber, and the Alston Cinder made from Arabescato marble.

From left to right: Archer Metal Table Lamp, Oliver Metal floor Lamp, Tillary Desk Lamp

The dark tones of the Archer Metal Table Lamp make a statement, while the blackened brass finish of the Oliver Metal Floor Lamp  adds a touch of glamour. The Tillary Desk Lamp is a functional work of art make of either onyx or marble.

House Tour: A Coastal Chilean Retreat That Honours The Rugged Landscape

Designed by architect Pablo Saric as his coastal family retreat and built almost entirely from clean-lined glass, wood and concrete, this ultra-minimalist monochrome home makes a dramatic statement yet sits comfortably among the elements.

Photography by Cristóbal Palma

Dissolving the physical barriers between nature and architecture, renowned architect Pablo Saric’s coastal home pays homage to the rugged and wild landscape that surrounds it. “It is a place with extraordinarily little rain, so native cactus and low-lying plants make up the vegetation,” says Saric, who designed ‘Casa SS’ for his family.

Perched high on a clifftop in the small Chilean coastal town of Huentelauquén, lying 270 kilometres north of Santiago, a sun-drenched climate and strong southwesterly winds expose the home to a striking and harsh environment. It was these elements that ultimately dictated its architecture, from the initial design down to the choice of materials, explains Saric. “The landscape is the protagonist and the home’s relationship with it is very important.”

Towering wooden walls create shelter from the wind, with the central courtyard blending simplicity and functionality in a protective space. “The patio is very important because it allows the layout to be extended for a variety of purposes, be that relaxing in a hammock or as an area for children to play in,” says Saric. At the heart of the home lies the living area. Clean-cut glass doors open up to welcome the outside in, transforming the interior space into a free-flowing open terrace. “The white wooden floor runs from the inside out, strengthening the connection of these spaces,” says Saric.


A reduced palette of materials made up mostly of wood and concrete sees simplicity and minimalism take centre stage. “We wanted to avoid a lot of visual clutter. The exterior cladding and interior panelling is designed to disappear into one continuous line,” he says. The remoteness of the location demanded clever and sustainable design solutions. Cross vents help cool the space down during hot, summer days, while insulated panels reduce the amount of heat that can escape during winter. Water is a scarce resource, so grey water is repurposed to irrigate the gardens, while solar panels power the entire house.

As evening sets in, sunlight beams into the patio, with the indoor fireplace and outdoor fire pit warming the space so it can remain open. Far away from the busy city streets, the low light pollution affords world-class stargazing, a special feature of the location that guided many of Saric’s design decisions.

“The house opens straight out to the sea and can be closed on all other sides to avoid any light pollution,” he says of his efforts to preserve the perfect stargazing conditions. “On moonless nights, you can see the stars without difficulty.”