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Mark Wahlberg: no more Boogie Nights for fitness geek

Cast member Mark Wahlberg poses at the premiere for "Mile 22" in Los Angeles, California, U.S., August 9, 2018. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Mark Wahlberg: no more Boogie Nights for fitness geek

Mark Wahlberg: no more Boogie Nights for fitness geek

The toughest man in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg, reveals his body-sapping round-the-clock lifestyle.

Mark Wahlberg has one of the strictest health and fitness regimes in Hollywood and the former Calvin Klein model has revealed his gruelling daily routine to show just how hard he works to maintain his honed physique.

Wahlberg shared a snapshot of what a normal day in his life looks like by posting it as a story on Instagram for his 10.6 million followers.

The 47-year-old Boogie Nights star revealed he starts every day at 2.30am, followed by 30 minutes of “prayer time”. Breakfast takes place at 3.15am, after which he does his first workout of the day, which is 95 minutes long.

This brings him to 5.30am, at which time he indulges in a post-workout meal, which, judging by Wahlberg’s Instagram posts, comes in the form of a protein shake. At 6am, he treats himself to a shower.

Then, at 7.30am, Wahlberg enjoys half an hour of golf before indulging in an 8am snack.

At 9.30am, it’s time for cryo chamber recovery, a popular post-workout treatment in the US where a person strips to their underwear — Calvin Klein’s, presumably — and enters a chamber where the air temperature is roughly -200°C for about three minutes.

Similar to ice baths, the treatment is credited for speeding up the body’s recovery process after a tough workout and is commonly used by professional athletes.
Then, it’s time for another snack, presumably something high in protein to keep the actor energised for the duration of his day.

Despite a slightly unconventional morning, Wahlberg eats lunch at the traditional hour of 1pm after having enjoyed two hours of meetings, work calls or family time, depending on his schedule.

A dedicated father-of-four, the Hollywood actor goes to pick his children up from school at 3pm, before enjoying his 3rd and final snack of the day at 3.30pm.
Proving that there really is no rest for the wicked, Wahlberg begins his second — and final — workout of the day at 4pm, which is typically a mixture of strength and resistance training.

When the clock strikes 5pm, it’s shower time, again.

The day concludes with dinner and family time at 5.30pm, followed by a very strict bedtime of 7.30pm.
It may sound early to some, but with a schedule as tough as Wahlberg’s, mere mortals would probably be ready to hit the hay at a similar hour, if not earlier.

Wahlberg is soon to be seen on the big screen in a remake of The Six Million Man, renamed The Six Billion Dollar Man to account for inflation. After this regime, they probably won’t need to rebuild him.

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