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Lily Collins speaks timeless movies, music and life’s important moments

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Lily Collins speaks timeless movies, music and life’s important moments

Lily Collins speaks timeless movies, music and life’s important moments

MiNDFOOD sits down with English-American actress, model, and writer Lily Collins to discuss her latest TV role and finding your own voice. 

Golden Globe-nominated actress, Lily Collins, astonishes fans as the iconic Fantine in the new TV series, Les Miserables. She is, of course, the daughter of superstar musician, Phil Collins, who rose to fame through guest roles on television shows including 90210, and landed her first big break when she starred alongside Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side (2009).

Although the story is set nearly 200 years ago, did you find similarities between what your character, Fantine went through and women in today’s society? There are some themes which are timeless.

Yes. I wrote a book in which I talk about my experiences as a young woman and some of those experiences I mentioned were about men. Fantine invests in this man, falls madly in love, he seemingly loves her back, they have a child, and then he just disappears. We all understand that. But we’re living in a time now where it’s embraced for women to speak out so if Fantine was in today’s world, she probably would have thrived. Her voice was strong and it would have really carried into this generation.

Speaking of strong voices, are you surprised about your father going back on tour?

I think everyone was surprised in an amazing way and he seems so excited to be out there again, which is wonderful. And my little brother Nicholas is his drummer. He’s 17 years old. But I actually saw him when he was here [in Los Angeles] at The Forum in October. That was a really wonderful experience to be in that audience as an adult and to see him and my brother play together. It was really powerful and wonderful.

You didn’t want to jump onstage with them?

(laughs) I ran down to the front of the stage to watch at one point, which was really cool. So, it was a really wonderful moment for me because the last time I’d seen my dad on stage was probably over 10 years ago.

Photo Credit: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

You seem very centered. How important is your personal time?

Alone time, self-reflection time and calm time is imperative in order to be able to do what I love to do and not go crazy.

Lily is a beautiful name. Did your parents tell you why they named you after a flower?

I’ve asked my mum and my dad and I get different stories every time (laughs). So, I don’t really know which one is real. I feel like one day we’ll all have to sit together and just hash it out.

Hopefully, you like lilies?

I do. I love the flower. I love all lilies, I won’t discriminate. You give me a lily and I will give it water and a place to thrive.  


Les Misérables will be screening April 21st on TVNZ 1 at 8.35pm, the full series will go up on TVNZ OnDemand at the same time.

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