Jasmin Sparrow’s ‘La Mer’ is an ode to the ocean’s mystical beauty

The ocean is the muse in Jasmin Sparrow’s considered new jewellery collection. 

Representing the next step in designer Jasmin Scott’s evolving fascination with the natural world, La Mer “explores the idea of coiling: a chamber for inward retreat, or an armour against the rhythmical muscle of the tide.”

Baroque pearls, wave-like earrings and conical charms feature in the thoughtful collection, which makes use of recycled metals.

“LA MER is a lament between the soft and the hard, the protected and the exposed. But ultimately, this collection is a celebration of nature and how we respond to its offerings.”

Designed to be treasured for a lifetime, La Mer represents the latest iteration in Jasmin Sparrow season-less approach, each piece crafted to be mixed and matched and passed down through generations.

Jasmin Sparrow’s La Mer collection is available now at

10 of the best SPF Lip Balms to see you through summer

Aside from feeling awful, dry, chapped lips are never a pretty sight!

What’s more, our lips are one of several areas dermatologists say are frequently missed or overlooked when it comes to SPF application, but they are very susceptible to sun damage. (For the record, the other areas we tend to forget are eyebrows, the front and back of ears and our scalp parting.) 

With the use of a dedicated balm, lips will retain their moisture and remain protected from wind, heat and UV rays when you’re out and about.

A good lip balm should be rich in occlusive elements like plant butters, oils or waxes which seal in moisture so your lips don’t dry out, as well as contain broad-spectrum SPF.

What’s more, there are an increasing number of tinted options that give a touch of glossy, plumping colour along with protection, but not so much pigment that you need to use a mirror, so you’re good to apply – and reapply – on the go.

Here are some of our favourite SPF lip balms for a perfect pout all summer long: