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It’s Only Natural

It’s Only Natural

It’s Only Natural

Indulging in Melissa Allen Mood Essentials may be just what your mind & body needs.

It’s Only Natural

Happiness never goes out of style! That’s why Melissa Allen Mood Essentials have been created to combine natural fragrances and aromatherapy to offer amazing fragrances to enjoy, but also carefully designed to target those everyday feelings that so many of us experience.

Whether it be needing more confidence for work or some calmness after a busy day, focus to get things done without being distracted or feelings of joy, there is a fragrance designed to help. Melissa Allen Mood EssentialsTM have been meticulously formulated with 100% natural essentials to target the right mood for both men and woman.


I Have Confidence is designed to help combat nervousness, self- doubt and anxiety, to allow calmness, inner strength and confidence
to blossom. Essentials oils such as bergamot, ylang ylang, neroli
and geranium have been chosen to help re-energise the body. Oils including rosemary, basil and chamomile have traditionally been used
to help encourage strength and confidence. The chamomile, lavender, frankincense and sandalwood in the blend are intended to help calm and encourage perspective.

I Have Calm was created to help manage anxiety, insomnia and stress, and to bring forth calmness and balance, encouraging relaxation and
a clear, calm mind. Essential oils such as lavender, rosewood, patchouli, bergamot, sandalwood, neroli petals bigarade and orange can help with relaxation, anxiety and stress. Eucalyptus and petitgrain oil (Paraguay) are included and may help refresh the mind.

I Have Joy is designed to help combat flatness, sadness, mental fatigue and nervous tension, and to help uplift, stimulate and revive, allowing happiness and joy and putting a bounce back in a person’s step. Essential oils such as grapefruit, orange, pine oil, bergamot, spearmint and peppermint are included to help uplift, stimulate and energise the mind.

I Have Focus was created to help combat distraction, general dullness and confusion/exhaustion and to help clear and invigorate the mind. It aims to help relieve anxiety, stress and tension – and to encourage clarity, mental strength, calmness and focus, helping with goal achieving. Essential oils such as rosemary, rosewood, mandarin, lemon, sage and bergamot can help with anxiety and nervous tension, energise, help improve clarity of thought and have an overall balancing and grounding effect.

Live your best life and enjoy Melissa Allen Mood EssentialsTM as part of your collection of perfumes, colognes and within your beauty regimen.

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