Inventive fragrance line Jo Loves by Jo Malone CBE offers perfect gift ideas

Jo Loves, the perfume and home fragrance brand started by Jo Malone CBE has finally become more accessible here.

It could be easy to confuse the collection with that other well-known fragrance brand of a very similar name. 

That’s because British-born Malone started Jo Malone London in 1994, before leaving the business that still bears her name. 

In a now well-known story, the wildly successful, self-made businesswoman left school at 15 and became a facial therapist before eventually building her fragrance company, Jo Malone London, into a major success. In 1999 she sold her brand to Estee Lauder Companies, that still the parent company of the global cologne giant, and stayed on with the brand until 2006.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer she left to spend more time with her family, however realising her heart was still with fine fragrance, she founded Jo Loves in 2011. Her inspiration was to offer an innovative new scent, bath, body and candle collection with notes inspired by the memories and moments in life that she loves.

That collection has grown in the years since, with a number of straightforward but delightful scent combinations like Mango Thai Lime, Cobalt Patchouli and Cedar and Green Orange and Coriander, but remained frustratingly mostly out of reach to New Zealand and Australian customers. 

The brand only has one bricks and mortar store, a boutique on Elizabeth Street in London, however has extended its reach with recognised retailers such as Cult Beauty in the UK and Netaporter, and has now landed with local online beauty megastore Adore Beauty in Australia and New Zealand

The simple scents and home products in clean white and red packaging are aesthetically pleasing and easy to live with in your home. Uplifting and almost universally appealing, the fragrances, candles and body products make ideal gifts, as it’s easy to know they will be well received.

However it’s the creative elements where the brand really shines. In particular the brand’s signature fragrance paintbrush, a innovative refillable and portable brush that contains fragrance suspended in a gel formula that dries in seconds, letting you easily and conveniently paint with fragrance onto your skin. 

Jo Malone CBE with her signature Jo Loves scent ‘Jo’ and the brand’s popular fragrance paint brush.

Another highlight? Malone’s first ever eponymous perfume, named Jo. Notes of grapefruit, lime and guaiac wood come together in a full bodied scent with personality.

“I always head back to ingredients to celebrate moments in my life and that’s what this really is,” Malone told Harper’s Bazaar when it was released. 

“It’s very masculine. Very cologne. It’s got a real power and tenacity about it,” she said.

New approach to exfoliating delivers lit-from-within glow

We all know clear, glowing and bright skin is on most people’s wish list.

How to get there is a less obvious path that can sometimes have twists and turns in the form of breakouts, dullness, texture and pigmentation. 

While serums and actives get a good chunk of the skincare limelight these days (and let’s face it, it’s deserved) for addressing and reversing these challenges, there’s another step that gets less credit for its ability to transform skin.  Okay, beyond paying a visit to your local skin expert, like those at Clear Skincare Clinics, because sometimes that’s just not possible!

It’s exfoliating effectively and regularly.  

Why is exfoliating important?

An important step in achieving that elusive glow, exfoliating consistently ensures we remove the top layer of flaky skin caused by accumulating dead skin cells. This is important because those lingering surface cells can stick around and cause issues like clogged pores, leading to breakouts or over-production of oil, ending up in whiteheads, blackheads and acne spots. 

That surface build-up can also prevent your active skincare like serums from penetrating as well as they should and getting to the layers of skin that most need it. 

Exfoliating also encourages new skin cell turnover. This is a natural process that happens to skin on a daily basis, where the skin cells renew and the outer layer sheds off. This natural cycle slows down as we age and can leave skin looking a little flat and dull, without a healthy rosy glow and can worsen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  

How can you exfoliate?

So now we know why it’s one of the keys to great skin, how should we do it? 

There are a number of options for exfoliation including products that rely on mechanical friction knows as physical exfoliation, including wash clothes and face scrubs with physical particles, or using products with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) or BHAs (beta hydroxy acids), known as chemical exfoliation. 

AHAs work by breaking down the  ‘glue’ that holds dead skin cells together while BHA’s work similarly but are oil soluble, so they are known for getting deep into pores to clear them out as well as regulating oil overproduction, helping minimise breakouts.  

While both types of exfoliators have their benefits, there are also downsides and you need to consider your skin type before deciding which approach is right for you, particularly if you have sensitive skin. 

Also keep in mind that more does not mean better – too vigorous or rough an exfoliation can cause irritation and damage to skin and can even worsen conditions like acne. Some options are too aggressive for more than occasional use.

A new gentle solution

As mentioned, both approaches have benefits, so why not combine the two approaches? That’s exactly what Clear Skincare has done with its newest product release.

Taking the best of both worlds, Clear Skincare has created the new Micro Polish Powder with Salicylic Acid, an incredibly fine powder that gives a gentle exfoliation while also calling on the benefits of Salicylic Acid. 

Salicylic Acid is a BHA derived from the Meadowsweet plant that works by loosening the bond between our outer skin cells and deeply exfoliating skin. It helps to unclog pores and reduce oil and sebum secretion helping reduce acne and breakouts.

Developed by doctors, the powder is packed full of active ingredients designed to remove dead skin cells and soaks up impurities and is gentle enough to be used daily with no irritation or dryness in sight. 

To use, you mix a small amount with water in your fingertips and gentle massage over skin on your face and neck using circular motions for at least 30 seconds before rinsing away. 

The best part is, it’s easy to fit into your daily routine as you can also multi-task by mixing it in with your usual cleanser.

What could be easier? After use apply your serum, moisturiser and SPF as usual and say hello to the glow!

  • To find out more about how to introduce an exfoliating powder into your skincare routine, as well as which skincare products to pair it with in order to achieve your skin goals or address any skin concerns you have, book a free skin and treatment consultation at your local Clear Skincare clinic.