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9 tips for surviving the first week back at work after a holiday

9 tips for surviving the first week back at work after a holiday

Resuming work following a fabulous holiday can be challenging.

9 tips for surviving the first week back at work after a holiday

Here are our tips to help make the return to the office more delightful than dreadful.

Get a good night’s rest the night before work

You’ll hopefully be feeling rested and rejuvenated after your time off – try not to undo the benefits of relaxation with a bad night’s sleep causing you to return to work feeling exhausted.

Check your calendar before you return

Appointments and commitments that come as a surprise to you can add to your stress on the first day back. Be prepared in case there are meetings scheduled or deadlines to hit.

Clean up your desk and inbox

Take some time to clear space on your desk once you get in to the office and get rid of unnecessary clutter. Give yourself ample time to go through your emails and tidy up your inbox – but don’t get too bogged down in responding to messages that aren’t time sensitive.

Avoid scheduling things for the first day back

Try to keep your first day back as free from meetings and appointments as possible, giving yourself time to get your head around what needs to be done now that you’re back in the swing of things.

Plan out your day

Make a to-do list and have clarity about what you want to achieve on your first day back. Avoid over-committing yourself and make sure you’ll be able to leave work on time.


Take the time to catch up with your colleagues and recount the highlights of your holidays. If the whole office is coming back from a break on the same day, remember that everyone will be feeling the same about having to be back at work!

Organise something to look forward to 

Have something you’re excited for scheduled in for the week. It doesn’t have to be a grand plan – it can be as small as taking your lunch break at your favourite local cafe.

Hit the gym

Work up a sweat and release some endorphins on your first week back to keep your mood up. Even if you take a walk during your lunch hour to break up the day, you’ll feel better for it!

Arrange an enjoyable commute

Set aside a book you purchased on holiday, subscribe to a new podcast, or listen to a recently-released album. Having something to look forward to on your way to work will make that first day back more bearable.

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