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The Health Benefits of Citrus

The Health Benefits of Citrus

Love lemons? You're in luck. Citrus fruit carries a wealth of health benefits.

The Health Benefits of Citrus

Citrus fruits not only taste delicious, they have a ton of health perks, too. Adding limes, lemons, oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits to your diet will boost your health in a number of ways. We’ve rounded up just a few of the positives these zesty fruits carry, as well as some of our favourite MiNDFOOD citrus recipes.

The perks

  • Citrus contains a significant amount of vitamin C, which is immune-boosting and enhances the absorption of iron in food. Vitamic C also enhances the functionality of the antioxidant catechin.
  • Citrus fruits have a high water content – oranges are 87% water – meaning they increase hydration
  • Citrus promotes heart health through the flavanoids it carries
  • Citrus has a high potassium content, which balances minerals and regulates fluids
  • Citrus won’t greatly increase your blood sugar level due to its low glycemic index score
  • Citrus also contains various other minerals, including phosphorous, B vitamins, copper and magnesium

Tasty citrus recipes

Orange: Duck Braised in Spiced Orange Juice

Lemon: Lemon Slice

Grapefruit: Quick Grapefruit Marmalade

Lime: Pumpkin, Lime and Ginger Cake


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