Great Gut Health Could be the Answer to Radiant Skin

Could great gut health be the answer to radiant skin? We find out from Carla Oates, founder of Beauty Chef. 

While there might be a lucky few that are genetically blessed with flawless skin regardless of diet, founder of Beauty Chef, Carla Oates, believes the majority of us can’t have good skin with a poor diet. “People are noticing when they’re eating healthy and looking after their diet, their skin is changing, they’re noticing real results”, she says.

Oates says she realised the significance of the role the gut plays in good skin when her daughter developed bad eczema. After doing plenty of reading on the link between gut health and eczema, Oates decided to put her daughter on a gut-healing diet protocol, cutting out gluten and dairy, and then reintroducing food. “I did a lot of research on fermented foods and why they’re so good for gut health,” she says. “We both started eating these fermented foods and we noticed such a huge change in her skin. I felt so much better about my skin, too – it was glowing. That’s how my first product Glow really came to be.”

Oates’s Beauty Chef philosophy is that beauty begins with the belly, and all her inner beauty supplements focus on bio-fermented, wholefood nutrition with prebiotics and probiotics. But she says a healthy diet is still crucial for good gut health. “Ideally, I would love people to use my products to supplement a really healthy diet. If you’re taking the supplement and drinking [cola] every day, you’re undoing all the good with loads of sugar,” she explains.

Skin is an incredible barometer for what’s going on inside your body, believes Oates. “If we’re not getting the right nutrients we’re going to suffer from a host of problems,” she says. An unhealthy gut that is in need of some serious TLC could come across as fatigue, irregular bowel movements, bloating and other problems with your bowel movements. “If your gut is really unhealthy, it will show on your skin,” says Oates. And it could show as a dry, lacklustre complexion that could be prone to dermatitis.

To promote good gut health and radiant health, Oates advises a diet rich in low-GI, unprocessed foods. “It’s loads of coloured fruits and vegetables and food that’s easily digestible, and good fats, leafy greens, prebiotic foods and soluble fibre,” she says. As for skincare, Oates says we still definitely need a routine, but when we’re looking after our gut and our diet, our skincare doesn’t need to work as hard. “You don’t need as much skincare but you still need to protect the epidermis from environmental assault.”

SMART TIP: Add turmeric to curries, stir-fries and even smoothies. This powerful spice has strong anti-inflammatory effects that promote healthy gut bacteria.


How to Buy Fragrance for Someone Special

Buying fragrance for yourself can be a tricky task, never mind buying attempting to buy a new scent for someone special. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we asked Mary Hayward, the training and education manager for Coty Luxury Australia and New Zealand, to explain what attracts us to certain scents and how to buy fragrance for someone else. 

Fragrance and sense of smell seem much more personal than say other senses such as taste. What things dictate which we love and which scents we don’t?

Our sense of smell is often taken for granted and underestimated as one of our most important senses, and it is not until we may lose this sense that we truly understand its value. Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other of our senses and recognition of smell is immediate. From birth we store every smell in the olfactory bulbs sensory receptors area of the brain, like a computer, the smells are stored for life and are reawakened when we experience them again, sometimes surprisingly, many years later.

They can take us back to a good and happy memory or equally to a moment we would prefer to forget. We are naturally and usually unaware that we are attracted to specific styles of fragrance and ingredients. These can be associated with pleasant and happy memories, it may be a note that unconsciously reminds us of something or someone special from our past and present. If we look at the different fragrances we wear, often there is a common theme, common style and particular note – a flower, a wood, a spice.

Why do certain fragrances smell wonderful on some people and completely different on others?

Fragrance will never smell the same on two people, we all have our own individual body scent – pheromones – and body chemistry, which will interact with the fragrance we apply in its own independent way. Additionally different skin types and even cultural heritage can also alter the fragrance, so that it may smell sweet on you and quite sharp on me. Other factors such as medications I may be taking, hormonal changes in females, if I smoke or even eat spicy foods, all will change how my skin reacts and takes on the scent applied.

Because our sense of smell is so unique, is it possible to buy the perfect fragrance for someone else?

The more you know about the person you are buying for the easier to make the right choice, Seeking the advice of the in store fragrance consultant, who should, using your information about the receiver of the fragrance gift, point you in the right direction. Things to know and share with the sales consultant are things like, their favourite or previous fragrances they have worn, their taste in clothing/fashion – casual or more formal, are they a beauty junky and up with latest trends, their personality type, the more information you have the easier and better choice you can make. If in doubt, purchase the most luxurious you can afford, a great example as a gift is Tiffany Eau de Parfum – who could ever resist that little Blue Box!

Now that you know how to buy fragrance for someone special, discover some of our current favourite fragrances here and here


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