Beauty How To: Get Adele’s Look

Along with her smash-hit albums full of emotive soul ballads, superstar Adele is also known for her distinctive beauty look, one that she has remained steadfastly devoted to over the years.

With her recent album release and return to the spotlight, her makeup approach has softened slightly, however there are a number of key elements that remain the same and contribute to her iconic look. Among them, a full set of false lashes paired with bold liquid liner, often elongated into 60s-style cat-eye flicks.

Kiwi-born, LA-based makeup artist Michael Ashton has regularly worked with the superstar over the years and gives us some tips on perfecting a similar look.

What is the secret to creating perfect winged eyeliner?

Product cocktailing is key to achieving the intensity and opaqueness of the eyeliner. Start by outlining the shape of the liner, working from the inner to outer corner of the eye with a black gel liner. Then work the product right into the root of the lashes and then build thickness gradually. Once finished creating the desired shape, use a waterproof liquid liner with a precision tip to intensify and refine the line, finishing by winging the end of the liner last.

I’ve got five minutes to do my hair and make-up in the morning. What should I do?

Prepare skin by cleansing with a micellar water and apply nourishing moisturiser with SPF protection, brush brows into place using a clear brow gel and curl lashes root to tip before applying mascara. Create a flawless base using a lightweight foundation and spot conceal where needed on any blemishes and under the eye area. Using a cream blush and your fingers, apply a fresh flush to the apple of the cheeks before a quick slick of lip balm. Brush hair before working through a serum mid-lengths to ends to smooth and protect, then depending on hair length either use a blowdryer and round brush to quickly style or work a hot tong through random pieces framing your face to add an effortless texture.



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Brow powder or brow pencil? Can you share a quick tip on how to create the perfect brows?

A combination of both! I recommend brushing clear brow gel through first before filling in the shape using very fine strokes with an eyebrow pencil and then setting with an eyeshadow and flat brush to give a groomed finish to the brows without them looking too overdone.

What’s the trick to applying false lashes?

The key element to applying lashes is the type of glue that you use. I’m a huge fan of the “Duo Adhesive” in black, which dries matte and gives a completely seamless finish. Apply glue to the lash using a small cotton tip or the end of an eyeshadow brush and leave it for a moment so it becomes slightly tacky to the touch. Place the false lash right into the base of your natural lashes starting in the middle first, then the outer part of the lash and finally the inner corner. If the false lash isn’t quite as close as you would like, take a cotton tip and gently press the top of the lash base until you are happy with its placement.

We don’t always have time for false lashes. Can you name a couple of mascaras that are great for a false-lash effect?

Diorshow Mascara, Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara and Tom Ford Extreme Mascara.

Image (top): @MichaelAshton

The best fake tanning tips for an even, golden glow

Fake tan products have come a long way. Previous frustrations like unnaturally orange colour and uneven fading are mostly minimised thanks to new innovations and there are options to suit everyone, depending on the kind of application – and effort level – you prefer and when you need results. Hydrating lotions and creams are better for those with sensitive or dry skin, foams and mousses give quick results while tan ‘eraser’ products help remove the remnants when colour wears off after several days. 

  1. Never shave or wax straight before tanning -it will open your pores and give that ‘speckled egg’ look. Instead do it the day before.
  2. Exfoliate first, but if you’re using a product, ensure it’s free of any oils – a harder task than you might expect. It’s sometimes easier to use an exfoliating glove to ensure there is no barrier between your skin and the tan colour.
  3. Always use a tanning mitt to apply your tan for an even finish. Apply to the centre of mitt and then clench your fist so the product is distributed evenly before applying to skin. For a smooth, fast application, use a mitt on each hand.
  4. Apply a small amount of moisturiser to the hairline, eyebrows and any dry patches on your body like elbows and ankles prior to starting, will ensure colour isn’t patchy or obvious afterwards.
  5. To reach your back, slide a tanning mitt onto a spatula and secure with a hair tie before applying product and rubbing it in.
  6. Leave your elbows, knees, hands and feet until last and use the excess left on your mitt after doing your legs or body rather than adding any more product.
  7. To tan your face, use tanning drops you can add to your regular moisturiser to custom blend a subtle colour that won’t clog pores and cause acne. Alternatively use a dense face brush to buff on a tinted fake tanning product for even coverage. Don’t forget your ears!
  8. To speed up drying time, apply baby powder over your tan with your hands or an old fluffy face powder brush to remove stickiness and prevent any colour transferring. Alternatively, use a hair dryer on cool.
  9. Apply moisture rich body lotion every day to maintain the tan. As soon as it starts to get patchy, use a tan eraser to remove evenly.
  10. For best results, avoid showering or sweat-inducing activities for 10-12 hours. If you want a low-key glow, experiment with washing it off after an hour or so.