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Earth is art

Image: Landgate

Earth is art

These incredible surveyors images have become works of art that celebrate the beauty of this planet.

Earth is art

Upon first glance these gorgeously coloured and textured photos look like they belong on the walls of the finest galleries. The images however, are not the works of a famed photographer, but instead, geological images from a surveying agency called Landgate.

The images are part of a collection called Earth is Art, which includes beautiful depictions of formations along the north west and coastal plains of Western Australia.

The project came about after a Landgate staff member noticed a certain artistic quality about the images that were coming back to the office.

All the images were taken by a mounted HD camera which is affixed to a private plane. The aerial photographs are the a culmination of multiple aerial trips and orthorectified to remove distortion. It is because of this process that these images are able to bring to life the areas they represent.

The series is a reminder to all that the beauty of earth is forever in jeopardy of being lost, should issues like climate change, overpopulation and pollution continue to encroach upon nature.

Would you hang these in your home?

Mount Satirist, south of Port Hedland – Landgate

Drifting Narembeen.Picture Landgate


River Veins, Wyndham. Picture Landgate

North of Esperance.Picture Landgate

Halls Creek from the air.Picture Landgate


Dollarbirds Villaret. Picture Landgate


Brunswick Bay Islands. Picture Landgate

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