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As loyal as they come

As loyal as they come

Forget man's best friend, this loyal canine stayed by his friend's side in an astonishing display of canine companionship.

As loyal as they come

Earlier this month Tillie, an Irish setter and Phoebe, a basset hound escaped from their home in Vashon, Washington. The terrible accident occurred when the dogs’ owner was having a party and the door was mistakenly left open.

More than a week had passed and the owner was still desperately searching for his pets. The animal rescue organisation, Vashon Island Pet Protectors, received a tip from a concerned member of the public who said a “reddish” dog had been coming up to their property and ushering them back into a ravine.

Following this tip, the VIPP volunteers headed into the forrest and discovered Tillie next to an old concrete cistern.

Amy Carey

Amy Carey

Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that Tillie was actually guarding Phoebe, who had fallen into the cistern and been unable to lift herself out.

“It was very clear what Tillie had done,” Amy Carey, one of the volunteers, told ABC. “She had not left her friend’s side except for going up to the man’s house when he was there to try and get help for Phoebe.”

Their owner was not surprised when the volunteers explained Tillie’s undying devotion to helping phoebe.

“She’s a very caring, loving and nurturing dog and the two of them are best friends,” he said.

Phoebe has since made a full recovery and has also been fitted with a GPS tracker to avoid any instance of wandering again.

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