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5 ways apple cider vinegar promotes beautiful hair

5 ways apple cider vinegar promotes beautiful hair

Apple cider vinegar works wonders for the health of your hair. Discover five ways that this affordable liquid encourages shiny, hydrated locks.

5 ways apple cider vinegar promotes beautiful hair

Apple cider vinegar has a range of health benefits, and is also great for your hair and skin. This affordable powerhouse product can completely transform your hair, keeping it healthy, shiny and strong year-round.

Here are just five ways that regular use of apple cider vinegar can enhance your haircare routine.

It encourages smoothness

Apple cider vinegar is a natural detangler, rejuvenating hair and leaving it smooth and soft. Harsh shampoos can strip the hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and rough feeling. The acidity of the vinegar counteracts this process and helps balance your hair’s natural pH levels and remove residue from product buildup, promoting shiny locks.

It fights dandruff

Apple cider vinegar’s natural anti-fungal properties combat dandruff and help to restore the scalp’s protective acid mantle layer which prevents additional fungal growth from occurring. It also helps to prevent the itchiness that often accompanies dandruff.

It promotes hair growth

It heals hair follicles that become blocked from bacterial infection and result in flakes on the scalp – which cause hair to fall out. Additionally, by stimulating circulation to the hair follicles, it strengthens hair roots and enhances growth.

It reduces frizz

Lifted cuticles in the hair create frizziness. Apple cider vinegar’s low pH levels seal these cuticles, promoting sleek, smooth hair.

It prevents split ends

Because of its detangling properties, apple cider vinegar helps to close cuticles, in doing so minimising hair breakage and split ends.

How to use apple cider vinegar for beautiful hair

Simply mix 1 cup of water with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Rinse through the hair after shampooing and leave in for two minutes before rinsing out. Smart tip: add 2-3 drops of your chosen essential oil to mask the smell.

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