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‘Westside’ finale: Antonia Prebble says goodbye to Rita West

‘Westside’ finale: Antonia Prebble says goodbye to Rita West

Tonight we say goodbye to the West family for the last time. 

‘Westside’ finale: Antonia Prebble says goodbye to Rita West

Antonia Prebble says it has been quite the ride with the West family. Prebble plays Loretta West’s grandmother, Rita, in the Westside

Prebble says stepping into the role of a character she felt she knew intimately came with its challenges. “When I turned up on the first day to film Westside they told me, ‘Everything you think you know about Rita, forget about that’… I found it hard to unpick what I already believed I knew about her.”

 “[Rita] is equally flawed and fabulous; she’s so brave and cutthroat, but she’s also pretty broken on the inside. I’m drawn to characters that are multidimensional,” she says.

Prebble says even she has been shocked by Rita’s behaviour at times. “I always send my family a warning text if there’s going to be anything X-rated involving me, and Mum always says, ‘Don’t worry, we know it’s acting’.”

But Prebble says she’s never been able to watch an episode with her family. “My family, cousins and all, were getting together in Wellington to watch the premiere of the second season and I decided to go back to Auckland a day earlier as I knew there were going to be some raunchy scenes in it. They’re better at it than I am,” she laughs.

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