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5 things you didn’t know about Kim Jong-un

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un visits The Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore. REUTERS/Edgar Su

5 things you didn’t know about Kim Jong-un

As the world speculates about Kim Jong-un's whereabouts, we thought we would share some interesting facts about the North Korean dictator. Will they make you like him more? Probably not. Will they make you chuckle? Yes.

5 things you didn’t know about Kim Jong-un

Here are five interesting facts about the world’s most cagey leader:

Image via Reuters

1. He attended school in Switzerland under a fake name

Kim Jong-un was enrolled at a top private school in Switzerland, but unfortunately did not have the grades to match. He was introduced to his classmates as Pak Un from North Korea. His ritzy education was somewhat wasted on him as he was more into music and basketball rather than maths and science. This resulted in his father transferring him to a Swiss state school where he was put in a lower grade.

2. He has an addiction to Swiss cheese

In Switzerland, Kim became fond of Swiss cheese. Many have blamed his consumption of cheese for his bulging body and lumbering walk. North Korea imports large amounts of cheese to satisfy his cravings.

3. At 27, he underwent plastic surgery to allegedly resemble his grandfather Kim Il Sung

Most people would resort to plastic surgery to try and look younger. Not Kim! He wanted all the age surgeons could give him.

4. When his father passed away he made people grieve publicly, employing spokesmodels to set the scene

After being given the order, everyone cried hysterically. And those who didn’t know how to force waterworks were taught to do so by spokesmodels. Not only that, but those who didn’t go to the mourning events were supposedly sentenced to labour camps for six months.

5. He ordered North Koreans to style their hair like his

In North Korea, there are strict rules regarding haircuts. Kim Jong-un’s haircut even has a special name, ‘ambitious’, and the people are encouraged to use this as a template for their own do. Females were asked to wear their hair in a bob, like his wife, Ri Sol-ju. It is rumoured that Kim is scared of barbers, so he cuts his own hair.


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