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7 ideas to improve couple connection and help your relationship thrive in lockdown

7 ideas to improve couple connection and help your relationship thrive in lockdown

Lockdown with a significant other is a challenging situation for any couple. Relationship expert and author of Communication Harmony, Dr Karen Phillip, offers seven ideas for couples to survive and thrive in isolation.

7 ideas to improve couple connection and help your relationship thrive in lockdown

1. Organise a schedule

Regardless if either is working, setting a schedule allows us to plan our long days. Schedule time alone, time to work, exercise inside and out, to cook, snuggle up and watch movies, clean and play. 

2. Get outside 

As we are allowed to go outside to walk or run, ensure you do this daily. Being out in the sun, breathing in the fresh air as you walk, talk and laugh can take away many pressures that may be felt at home.

3. Remain connected to your outside world

Video calling family and friends individually help us remain united. Your conversations can be discussed over dinner or coffee together to share what each other’s family or friend is doing.

Chatting to others together is fun and connecting for everyone.

4. Have fun

Most of us have board games or cards to play. We can play games together or with others on video calls.

Games allow us to detach from our current situation, forget about problems and engage in some brain-stimulating fun together. 

5. Declutter and redesign

Decluttering is a great opportunity to clean out the shed, cupboards and wardrobes. You can paint the house or various rooms, plant flowers or a veggie garden.

All the jobs you are usually too busy to do can be done over these next few weeks.

6. Sex

Sex is often great to defuse our stress and anxiety. Enjoy a warm bath together, wash each other in the shower, play strip poker, ditch the clothes and enjoy the freedom of nakedness or jump between the sheets after lunch – it helps burn calories too. 

7. Rediscover each other

After being together for a while, we expect we know everything about our partner. We forget to realise we continually evolve, generate new motivation, desires, fantasies, and goals.

Take some time to rediscover who you and your partner are. Ask questions of each other without judgement as this can be an informative and very funny time.

For anyone struggling to manage at this challenging time, I am offering a free relaxation hypnotherapy session How to Release your Anxiety regarding the Coronavirus available from my Virtual Hypnotherapy website. The session is designed to help everyone get through the lockdown to relieve the anxiety and uncertainty so many are feeling. 

About Dr Karen Phillip

Dr Karen Phillip has been a counselling psychotherapist for almost two decades, and a professional clinical hypnotherapist for over 10 years. Karen is an expert in the fields of relationships, parenting and communications and has helped thousands of couples and families resolve problems ranging from communication conflicts to parenting issues. She is also the author of Communication Harmony.

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