3 Beauty Rules You Need to Follow in 2019

Looking to up your beauty game in 2019? These three beauty rules will help you achieve your skin goals.

Each day handfuls of new serums, lotions and creams promising to make time stand still launch around the world. But with the overwhelming choice of skincare products to pick from and the rise of social media – anyone with a smartphone can be a beauty expert these days – it has become harder to separate fact from fiction.

“People are becoming savvier with their use of skincare products and active ingredients are more readily available,” says Katy Bacon, education manager for Murad Australasia Pacific. And while we are more educated about the skincare options available to us, instead of consulting professionals for advice on skin problems, many people are turning to Doctor Google. “People are often self-diagnosing and combining multiple active ingredients, as a result damaging their skin,” says Bacon.

Stop Over-Treating Skin

Surprisingly, there definitely can be too much of a good thing when it comes to skincare, particularly where exfoliation is concerned, says Bacon. “I am seeing a lot of over-processed skin from people over exfoliating,” she says. “It causes dryness, irritation and sensitivity.”

Bacons says rather than self-diagnose your skin, get the right advice when it comes to incorporating potent active ingredients into your routine. “I can’t urge people enough to seek proper skin care advice from an experienced skincare professional before purchasing multiple forms of exfoliators, retinol, AHAs and at home peels.” At the end of the day, if you want to see real results, less can most definitely be more with skincare, says Bacon.

Wearing Sunscreen Every Day is Non-Negotiable 

For many of us sunscreen only makes an appearance once warmer weather arrives bringing with it the sun’s harmful UV rays. But global educator for Elizabeth Arden Professional and Priori, Tracy May-Harriott, explains that it’s one step we should be including in our routine no matter what the weather. 

“Even on cloudy days we have a lot of UV hitting the earth and our skin. We get negative effects too from infra-red and blue wavelengths too so sunscreen is becoming increasingly essential as the science starts to consistently back-up the findings of harmful rays,” she explains. If you make one thing top of your beauty rules for 2019, May-Harriott says make it the application of sunscreen. “It starts with prevention, remember.”

You Are What You Eat

While the odd piece of chocolate or indulgent meal won’t cause acne or significant skin problems, Bacon says we are ultimately what we eat. “As scientists learn more about diet and the body, it’s increasingly clear that what you eat can significantly affect the health and ageing of your skin,” she says.

“Poor diet choices can trigger hormonal fluctuations and inflammation in the body, both of which encourage acne,” she explains. “At Murad we recommend the 80/20 rule, a diet balanced in water rich foods such as vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Think of your diet as a way to internally nourish your skin!”

There’s More to Great Skin Than Your Age

Want radiant, healthy skin? According to the skincare experts it’s time to stop thinking about your age.

Investing in a new skincare routine can be tricky business thanks to the sheer number of skincare options available these days. Picking out a range that’s marketed at your age group might seem like the obvious approach, but if you want to target specific skin concerns, buying skincare that caters for a certain age group isn’t going to guarantee results.

Yesteryear’s one-size-fits-all approach to skincare has well and truly made way for a bespoke approach to skincare explains Tracy May-Harriott, global educator for Elizabeth Arden Professional and PrioriMay-Harriott. “Our ‘skin’ age is no longer our ‘chronological’ age,” she explains. Best-selling author and beauty myth buster Paula Begoun agrees and says that while you can buy effective skincare at any age, age has nothing to do with what products you buy. “That’s because age is not a skin type,” she explains. “The truth is in beauty, is that someone at age 50 or 60 can have the same complexion as someone in their 20s.”

Begoun uses herself as a classic example: at the age of 65, beauty industry standards would traditionally sell her skincare products based on anti-ageing. “But I still struggle with oily skin, clogged pores and the occasional breakouts, plus signs of ageing,” she explains. “Creams and lotions just make it worse,” she says.

Age Really is Just a Number

Thanks to our modern lifestyles, age has just become a number where skincare is concerned. Begoun explains that there’s a whole host of factors that contribute to how healthy and resilient skin is. “Heredity, skin disorders like acne and rosacea, oily skin, dry skin; lifestyle choices such as smoking, eating healthy; how much sun damage someone has accumulated and how someone takes care of their skin, in general, all add up to your skin type and the problems you’ll see (or not),” she says.

Instead of worrying about which products you should be using at a certain age, May-Harriott says the way to go is investing in skincare for your skin type that targets your concerns regardless of your age. If you’re unsure of your skin type or what products to use for certain concerns, May-Harriott suggests visiting a professional for the correct guidance. “They are trained to ask the correct questions during a skin analysis to help you on your way to an ideal routine based upon your individual needs and requirements,” she says.

“Always start slow, go slow with a new skincare routine and don’t do too much too soon to really find products suitable for you,” May-Harriott adds that prevention is always better than treating problems as they arise. “You need to take into consideration that regardless of age the sooner you start to protect and prevent problems, the better,” she says. “Often, we wait until we see problems before we take more care of it. Have a good basic, protective skincare routine from an early age and you will age more gracefully for your years.

Take a look at some of our favourite must-have skincare for all ages in the gallery below. 

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