Your rituals can be roadblocks or ramps

By Keith Abraham

Your rituals can be roadblocks or ramps
By implementing the right rituals, you can get to where you really want to in life, explains author Keith Abraham.

If you aren’t living the life you have dreamed about, it’s most likely because you have not had the habits or rituals in place in your life that you need to create the future you desire. I love the quote … People create rituals and rituals form futures’.

Everything that we have achieved or not achieved is a result of the rituals we have; these either propel us forward or hold us back.

A ritual is an activity you do on a regular and consistent basis.  The difference between the success of the individual is the combination of successful rituals. Whenever I have interviewed successful leaders, a common comment always comes up: “I have always done ___ .”

The challenge for each of us is defining the rituals that are going to best support us in the pursuit of our dreams, desires, goals and passion. We should also identify the rituals that act as roadblocks. In identifying the roadblock rituals, we need to shift our thinking from “unconsciously incompetent (not knowing what rituals are not supporting you) to “consciously incompetent” (actually knowing what you need to improve and create the right ritual for you).

Now to identify the non-supportive rituals, you will need to sit down and focus on what does not assist you in becoming the best you that you can be. Once these are identified, determine what is the opposite ritual of this.  It could be as simple as not exercising –  a ritual that supports you feeling fit and energized. The key is creating rituals that lift your spirit, make you feel the best that you can and which generate positive, proactive results. If you struggle with knowing what you need to improve, you may need to work with a coach and a mentor as you pursue your goals.

Start off small. What is one habit that you need to implement in your day-to-day life that you know is in line with your goals and how you want to feel? It is not about being disciplined in multiple areas to start off with, it is about making a start and taking small steps.

Here are 15 examples of rituals that connect emotionally, mentally and physical.

Emotional Rituals

1. Visualise yourself achieving your goals

2. Look at a goal board that highlights your key goals

3. Listen to your intuition more often

Mental Rituals

1. Meditate for 15-30 minutes daily

2. Read books that inspire, inform or give you greater insights

3. Listen to positive audio recordings

Physical Rituals

1. Exercise on a regular basis

2. Eat the right foods for you and your body

3. Network with positive people

Put in place the rituals that will assist you to become the best you that you can be.

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