Young British Muslims hit back

By Efrosini Costa

Young British Muslims hit back
A group of young British Muslims have launched a YouTube and Twitter campaign #NotInMyName to condemn ISIS terrorism.

Following the the murder of David Haines and kidnapping of Alan Hemming, the East London-based youth group Active Change Foundation decided to do throw their support in the fight against the ISIS terrorist group.

The youngsters, who are all of Islamic faith, decided to launch the #notinmyname campaign to spread the word that British Muslims reject such extremist ideology and actions.

Active Change members posed for pictures holding a sign that simple read: #notinmyname. The hope is that others around the world of Islamic faith will do the same and share the image on their social media channels.

They have also created a short YouTube video that features a number of British Muslims condemning the actions of the ISIS group, saying that “it does not represent Islam”.

“We must unite together to stop this group from damaging Islam and damaging Muslims” while another adds: “what you’re doing is inhumane,” says one woman featured in the clip.

They passionate activists argue that ISIS do not represent the Islamic faith or the Muslim community and they want the world to know that. Hanif Qadir, founder of ACF said: “The murder of an innocent man has no justification in any religion or walk of life.

“These terrorists ISIS are not true Muslims, they do not practice the true teachings of Islam; peace, mercy and compassion and they are the enemy of all mankind.”

The group is urging others to join the movement by tweeting and using the hashtag: #NotInMyName.

It is hoped that the campaign will also help young Muslims who feel marginalised in their community to show their support in the fight against ISIS and stop them from becoming potential victims of racially-motivated attacks – which allow them to be vulnerable to the persuasive recruiting methods used by extremists groups.

 Watch the ACF video here:


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