You don’t need arms for cuddles

By Maria Kyriacou

Little girl gets a hug from her hero, armless pilot Jessica Cox
Little girl meets her hero who is just like her, born without arms

Sometimes life is made that little bit easier when we meet someone who looks or has similar challenges to us. A little girl got to meet her hero, who like her was born without arms.

We recently brought Jessica Cox to your attention, as a woman who is dispelling perceptions of people with disabilities as less capable. Cox is achieving this by simply living her life, and showing that it is altogether possible to do what everyone else can do, without arms.

Actually Cox does more than most, as she’s the world’s first female armless pilot and Tae Kwan Do champ. She also stars in the new documentary “Rightfooted”.

The cute little girl identified only as RE was driven for six hours by her mum to meet Cox and couldn’t believe she got to spend personal time with her hero. Their chat, and time hanging out clearly made her day. And like any fan she got an autographed signed by Cox on the pilot’s movie poster.


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