Australian vets open their doors to masses of animals harmed by bushfires

Waroona Veterinary Clinic/Facebook
Waroona Veterinary Clinic/Facebook
When a town in Western Australia was evacuated due to severe bushfires, many pets and wildlife were left behind.

Earlier this year the soaring heat of Yarloop in Western Australia created a catalyst for a severe bushfire that ravaged the small town, destroying most of the landscape and leaving behind a devastating trail of destruction.

The Waroona-Yarloop fire burned for 17 days, acrossing more than 69,000 hectares with a perimeter of over 393km.

The fire caused the destruction of 181 properties and claimed the lives of two of the locals.

As residents of the town were evacuated, many beloved pets and wild animals were sadly left behind.

As more and more animals were left unaccounted for, the vets at Waroona Veterinary Clinic selflessly agreed to remain in their offices in order to treat and rescue animals from around the area.

Nurse Frosina and Dr. Ron made the decision to stay until they absolutely had no other choice but to leave.

During that time, they offered free treatment for any animal who had suffered as a result of the bushfires.

The clinic soon received an influx of injured pets and wildlife, including cats, dogs, cattle, horses, marsupials and even llamas.

The vets worked tirelessly to make sure each and every animal was looked after to the best of their ability.

The clinic relies solely on donations from local businesses and charity fundraising, as such, it was important they received support during this trying time.

Thankfully, the clinic received an overwhelming amount of support and to thank their donors, the vets began sharing progress photos of the gorgeous animals they had rescued.

Overnight, the clinic’s staff and animals became internet sensations.

The doctors are hoping to raise awareness about animals in bushfire locations and give advice on how best to treat and assist animals who may be in danger.




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