Would you like serotonin with that? Australia’s first happiness restaurant opens

By Maria Kyriacou

Would you like serotonin with that? Australia’s first happiness restaurant opens
New restaurant Serotonin Dealer offers chemically-optimised foods to bring joy and health to diners

Australia’s first happiness restaurant, Serotonin Dealer has opened in Melbourne with the aim of reminding us what eating is all about – making us happy! Push the Paleo aside and stop stressing about not being able to quit sugar, eating for good health and pleasure it’s where it’s at according to founder Emily Arundel.

Serotonin also known as the “happy” chemical is responsible for healthy brain chemistry but often levels for many people are low, particularly in wintertime. The restaurant serves up food to improve people’s mood with tasty fare that boosts serotonin levels.

Working together with nutritionists and dieticians isn’t usually the way menus are created but this is exactly what Arundel has done, in the hope of making food that people will find physically and mentally nourishing.

It is comprised of high-serotonin recipes from different cultures including Japanese, Mexican or Vietnamese and if you’re feeling thirsty there is also a high-serotonin smoothie and juice bar.

Arundel created the concept after noticing a gap in the market for an eatery that had a no-brainer menu where every dish was nourishing and she didn’t need to narrow it down to a ‘healthy option’.

If the restaurant’s Melbourne address makes it hard for you to visit, skip the biscuit or ten when you’re feeling under the weather and aim for magnesium rich foods like leafy greens, tryptophan-laden foods like eggs or chicken and incorporate spices like tumeric into your diet. You’re more likely to come out smiling.



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