From bad art to British lawnmowers: 6 of the world’s most unusual museums


From a museum dedicated to salt-and-pepper shakers to a showcase of English lawnmowers, these are some of the world’s strangest exhibitions.

Museum of Bad Art

Yes, this place actually exists, and it is dedicated to all the horrendous finger-painting and splotchy drawings out there. The Museum of Bad Art in Boston is home to every painting that you’ve wanted to smash over a rock before, and the worst conceptual paintings imaginable, from both talented artists who lost their way to those that can barely hold a brush.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The Dog Collar Museum

Dog lovers are passionate about their pets, and this museum proves it: a gallery space at Leeds Museum in the UK showcasing 130 historic dog collars – the oldest once belonged to a herding mastiff, dating back to the late 15th century. Animal lovers may be disappointed to learn that no pooches roam the museum grounds.

Kent, United Kingdom


The Japanese love their noodles so much that they created a shrine to them. This museum is dedicated to ramen noodle soup, and pays tribute through exhibitions spotlighting Tokyo in 1958: the year that instant noodles were invented. The space is also home to a number of branches of famous ramen restaurants, as well as a shop where you can buy ramen bowls and cooking utilities.

Osaka Ikeda and Yokohama, Japan

Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

Well-seasoned travellers flock to this museum, set up by Andrea Ludden, an anthropologist penning a study on salt and pepper shakers. Her personal collection to date exceeds 22,000 sets of salt and pepper shakers, from the kitsch to the coveted, and Ludden has even had a special building erected to house her collection.

Tennessee, USA

British Lawnmower Museum

An ex-racing champion is behind this museum, with his interest in lawnmowers stemming from a family business when he was young. The museum is now home to the world’s largest collection of antique garden machinery, including royal lawnmowers once belonging to Prince Charles and Princess Diana as well as the world’s most expensive lawnmowers. The goal? To keep a small part of British engineering history alive.

Southport, England

Beijing Museum of Tap Water

Located in a former pipe house, this space has been converted into a museum dedicated to decoding the city’s history of tap water. You can browse a collection of vintage taps, and read about the city’s first tap water company. There’s also a model of a tap water filtration system, once constructed under the Chinese capital.

Beijing, China


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