World’s first “smart desk” revealed

See the Stir Kinetic, a desk with an in-built touch screen which seeks to correct our posture and stop us from remaining in one position for too long.

Powered by a motor, the Stir Kinetic knows whether you have been sitting or standing, and lets you know every twenty minutes by “breathing” – meaning it gently rises and falls about an inch. Each breath is a reminder to the user that they should soon shift position.

If someone wishes to change their stance, this can be done through tapping the touch screen twice, if not, they can ignore the breath and continue on with their work.

Do you think this desk could become the workplace standard in the future? Or is it needlessly interactive?




The Stir Kinetic can currently be purchased for a little under $4,000

In need of a cuddle? This app has you covered

Released earlier this month, Cuddlr is a Tinder-style app that aims to find like-minded users who are nearby and want nothing more than to cuddle.

Users are able to set their preferences, tastes and interests (for instance, whether or not they wish to be the little or big spoon), so they are able to find ideal like-minded cuddle buddies.

Upon request the participants are given 15 minutes to respond and organise a time and place for the transaction.

“On Cuddlr, you get together straight away, have a little cuddle, then part ways.” Said founder of the app Charlie Williams. “If you want to hang out again, you can exchange information then and there – but you already know what kind of cuddles they give.”

After the ‘act’ has taken place, the participants are then able to rate each other as either “awesome”, “good”, “ok” or “inappropriate”. Each user’s reviews are then stored and shown on their profile for all to see – allowing others to avoid those who are inappropriate or poor in technique.

While the idea may be cute in theory, some are skeptical the app can achieve its aims. An article written by Caitlin Dewey in dailylife tells of her struggle to find a single partner who wished for nothing more than a platonic hug. “When he asked to see my picture, I sent him a picture with my boyfriend. He was, well… disappointed,” she writes.

What do you think? Given time will Cuddlr grow a large enough audience of friendly cuddle enthusiasts? Or is it destined to turn the raunchier way of other location-based meet-up apps?