World leaders respond to North Korea

World leaders respond to North Korea
Leaders from around the world respond to the escalating risk of war with North Korea.

Following North Korea’s latest nuclear test, the United States have urged the UN to step up and take strong preventative measures against the country. US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley declared last night that “the time has come to exhaust all diplomatic means before it’s too late.” Without the toughest sanctions, she argued, resolving the conflict peacefully would be impossible.

Threats of nuclear war escalated after North Korea successfully tested a hydrogen bomb with a power range more than three times the size of the 1945 bomb that demolished Hiroshima. Haley claimed North Korea was “begging for war,” and pointed out that while the United States did not want a war “our country’s patience is not unlimited.”

Other UN leaders have spoken in agreement with the US. Swiss President Doris Leuthard and Chinese Ambassador Liu Jievi called for further negotiation. “The peninsula issue must be resolved peacefully,” Jievi stressed. British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft agreed that a diplomatic resolution was preferred, but added “North Korea must change course to allow a return to dialogue.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed a need for stricter rules.

A draft resolution will be voted on by the UN next Monday.





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