World first live 24 hour robotic-assisted surgery

By Kate Hassett

World first live 24 hour robotic-assisted surgery
In a world first, surgeons across 10 different cancer centres around the world have staged a live 24-hour surgery.

In showcasing the advancement in robotic technology, the webcast will show live procedures conducted by surgeons starting in Karolinska Hospital in Sweden.

Audience members will be encouraged to write in questions to medical experts using the twitter hashtag #WRSE24.

The first event of this kind, each surgeon has been selected for his or her contribution to the development and further advancement of robotic-assisted surgery.

Associate Professor Declan Murphy of Australia’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne will be conducting a prostatectomy on a patient.

The surgery will be performed through minuscule incisions conducted by the robotic arms while the surgeon sits at a console in the operating theatre.

The 3D images of the organs are viewed through a telescope, amongst other technology, inside the body. The robotic operating instruments are then controlled by hand and foot prompts from the surgeon’s machinery.

There are of course strict guidelines about who can take part in the groundbreaking event:

“It’s all about the patient. When we set up these educational events we have to make sure we’re doing what’s best for the patient and this patient is fully briefed,” he said.

“Today is about watching these surgeons from all over the world demonstrate these advanced techniques,” says Professor Murphy.


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