Work it out

By Kate Hassett

Work it out
Suffering from back-to-work blues? Learn how resilience is key to overcoming mental health challenges in the workplace.

Anxiety and stress is a damning state. Balancing life’s stages can often seem overwhelmingly out of reach for some, and an increasing emphasis on living to work is a reality for most.

Perfectionism can often be imperfect in nature. The inability to delegate and self-audit poses a threat to being present enough to realise when enough is enough.

Especially with the start of the New Year and returning to work, the stresses of the workplace can begin to overshadow an otherwise enjoyable holiday period.

The Black Dog Institute and UNSW have recently released a report that outlines the importance of improving mental health in the workplace. Noting that not all of us can take frequent holidays, work shorter hours and avoid taking work home, the study reveals ways that employees and employers can limit mental health issues in the workplace.

The act of resilience in the workplace aims to establish coaching and mentoring, as well as group exercise programs, that create outlets for employees to understand and enact upon possible mental health issues.

Creating a boot camp of sorts, but for the mind – the importance of which is stressed by NLP Practitioner and Mind Coach, Jessica Groom.

“I managed to work myself into a stroke at the age of 31. I was working myself to the bone, and even though I thought it was work that was putting the pressure on me, I now look back and realise I was really doing it to myself.”

Taking this experience and creating an avenue through which she could pass on her wisdom to others who may be heading down the same path, Jessica changed careers and created a happiness course called Mind Boot Camp.

Created to enact change in those that feel like they can’t, Mind Boot Camp offers a path through which happiness can be achieved and mindfulness can be unlocked and explored. It also provides an avenue where developing new thought patterns can lead to motivation and self-editing that enable rather than disable.

Programs like this add to the importance of resilience in mental heath, especially in the workplace. With constant emphasis placed on physical activity and mental activity, being mindful is just as important in ensuring those back-to-work blues don’t impede on your life.



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