Women reach their ‘stress peak’ at age 34


Women reach their ‘stress peak’ at age 34
Women reach their 'stress peak' at age 34 due to juggling work, raising young families and keeping on top of bills.

34 is the age when stress levels peak, according to a new British study. It’s the age when women are most likely juggling multiple responsibilities and trying to find a work life balance. Raising a young family while trying to succeed at work and stay on top of bills and finances contributes to this stress snowball effect.

And the age when women are most stress-free? Well that’s almost a decade earlier at age 25. This is the age when we are earning a decent salary for the first time in our lives and are able to enjoy an active social life with little commitments in the way of finances or providing for others.

The 2,000 women who took part in the British study acknowledged that 25 was when they felt most carefree. A fifth of study participants claimed to be unhappy due to stress at this age.



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