Woman still searching for her baby’s father months after posting an online advert to find him


Woman still searching for her baby’s father months after posting an online advert to find him
A perth woman who fell pregnant after a one-night stand is still searching for the baby's father, months after posting an ad online.

Bianca Fazey fell pregnant after a one-night stand she had with a fly-in-fly-out worker named Jeremy.

The pregnancy was a shock to the 25-year-old who had been told she was unlikely to ever become a mum after being diagnosed with polysistic ovarian syndrome.

Bianca, a graphic designer,  searched frantically for months for the man who she only knew as Jeremy from the Perth suburb of Morley. She even decided to put out an online advertisement on the buy and swap portal Gumtree.

The advertisement saw the expectant mother cop a barrage of unexpected vitriolic responses from total strangers who sought to shame her.

Logan Fazey was born two months ago but the young baby boy has had a rough start after doctors worked over 30 minutes to resuscitate him following his birth.

Now fit and healthy, his mum’s attention had turned once again to finding his father.

“Yeah I am still looking, I will probably always be looking I am very curious as to who this person is and one day Logan probably will be too,” Fazey told reporters.

“I don’t ever expect him to come forward but if he did contact me, it would only be between us two and not the world. “

However her search has not been made any easier thanks to the disheartening responses from strangers online. Her latest appeal on Facebook has seen social media users label Bianca as an ‘unfit mother’  even accusing her of ‘selling her story for money’.

“I’m so appalled at comments that I am a bad mother and ‘god help my child’. It makes me sick that people can judge so quickly off something that is 500 words long,” she said on her Facebook page.

“For the incredibly judgemental people thinking it is all about money, I have never accepted anything for the stories, I also have my own money, I work and I study full time,” she said.

“I love this beautiful boy with all my heart and I am a fantastic mother, he is strong, smart, happy and very, very loved!”

“Logan, my family, our health and happiness is all that matters to me.”


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