Woman gives birth after a womb transplant

By Matt Bernard

Woman gives birth after a womb transplant
A Swedish woman has become the first ever mother to give birth after undergoing a womb transplant.

At 36 years of age, an unnamed woman has given birth to a healthy baby boy through the use of a transplanted uterus. Being told at 15 that she had no womb and would never be able to have children, the mother described the last few months as a roller coaster of a journey.

“Yes, we’re the first to do this, but that’s not the important thing… We’ve been through so many things I couldn’t control, but now that this fantastic little boy is here, I just feel relieved,” told the mother.

Donated by a 61-year-old family friend, the uterus was given after hearing of the young couple’s struggle with starting a family.

“What she did for us was so amazing and selfless that the words ‘thank you’ don’t seem like enough,” told father of the child.

Similar births are due in the UK at any moment, however this time each uterus comes from the parents of the patients, meaning two generations of children will have come from the same womb.

“Our success is based on more than 10 years of intensive animal research and surgical training by our team and opens up the possibility of treating many young females worldwide that suffer from uterine infertility,” said Professor Mats Brannstrom who led the research team.

While the result of a forefront of medical breakthroughs, the mother is treating her son as any other and wants to maintain his privacy.

“He doesn’t really like to scream, but he makes these funny little sounds,” she tells, likening him to a kitten.






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