Jock Robinson’s winter hair must-haves

The team at Dharma has either won or placed in every major industry award since opening their doors. Co-owner of the salon Jock Robson is a firm believer in Wella System Professional products, and is the chosen brand ambassador for 2008-2009.

MiNDFOOD asked Jock what we should be doing this winter to have our hair looking the best it possibly can.


Yes summer was great and you looked amazing with your beachy, flowing locks but if we at Dharma learnt anything at Australian Fashion Week it’s this: you must think “structure” and “shape”.


Your new shapely, structured cut will benefit from a simplified colour. Use one or two different tones only or one or two different reflects. Any more is not the merrier. For our very blonde friends out there you will be surprised to know that you probably suit a slightly deeper or warmer blonde. Now I’m not suggesting you’ll look like goldilocks, however, basic colour theory tells us that complementary colours (colours that are opposite each other) work best with each other, so as you lose warmth in your skin over winter it’s best to put it into your hair.


Make sure you have all the right tools to style your new “do”. Ask for professional advice on what you should be using.


Treat your hair to a moisturising and/or protein-rich, deep conditioning treatment. This can be an indulgent service in salon where your stylist will prescribe the right balance of protein and moisture to suit your hair type, or there are products you can buy and use yourself at home. I particularly like Wella SP Hydro Mask (RRP $33) for when you have a spare 10 minutes at home, or for leaving in over night and rinsing off in the morning.


As an ambassador for Wella System Professional haircare products, I have complete confidence in the entire range. My favourite products for winter are:

Wella SP Luminous Shampoo (RRP $31) and Wella SP Luminous Mask (RRP $33) – both contain pearl extracts to ensure your hair is left feeling silky smooth with luscious shine.

Wella SP Hydro Milk Shampoo (RRP $31) and Wella SP Hydro Milk Conditioner (RRP $33) – provide long-lasting mositurisation without weighing the hair down.

Wella SP Color Saver Shampoo (RRP $31), Wella SP Color Saver Liquessence (RRP $31) and Wella SP Color Saver Mask (RRP $33) – extends the colour durability, intensity and shine while improving the overall structure of coloured hair.

Get the look: Edgy French roll


Dion Lee


Brad Ngata says, “For his collection, Dion wanted an androgynous and contemporary take on a French roll. To reflect his architectural, tailored designs, the hair looks structured and masculine at the front while from the back it is a modern, tough twist on a classic French roll.”


  • Start by wetting the hair.
  • Mix one part L’Oreal Profesionnel Techni.Art A.Head Glue with one-half part L’Oreal Profesionnel Techni.Art Liss Control Gel Crème and take from root to ends.
  • Create a deep side part and tied the smaller section into in a tight low pony.
  • Using a plastic ruler, wrap free section to create a high French roll. The ruler keeps the French roll flat, which is key to the look.
  • Pin the French roll to the scalp; unlike a traditional French roll, this is does not need to be neat.
  • Release the tied section and twist into a ponytail that is tucked into the end of the French roll and pin until it looks as one.
  • Finish by pulling loose sections of the French roll to make it look less perfect and for the desired “tough” take on a French roll.

PRODUCTS USED: (including tools)

  • L’Oreal Profesionnel Techni.Art A.Head Glue
  • L’Oreal Profesionnel Techni.Art Liss Control Gel Crème
  • 30cm ruler
  • Bobby Pins