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Why you should try travelling alone

Why you should try travelling alone

Why you should try travelling alone

While the idea might be daunting, there are many benefits of travelling alone.

Travel has the ability to bring people closer together, form stronger relationships and create unforgettable memories. However, travelling on your own can be equally rewarding.

Research conducted by the University of Queensland has found that a growing number of us are choosing to travel solo. Published in the International Journal of Tourism Research, the study found that solo travel can lead to “personal feelings of freedom, relaxation and discovery.”

Professor Constanza Bianchi led the study and found that most participants admitted to travelling alone because they enjoyed having a chance to fully indulge themselves. “Travelling alone for holidays also provided some participants with the feeling that they had more control over the lives and actions,” she said. “So travelling also offered some participants the possibility of reflection and self-discovery.”

Here are five benefits to travelling alone:

You set the agenda

No fights or compromises about what landmarks to see or what restaurants to visit. Travelling solo means you get to do exactly what you want.

You meet other people

Travelling alone often means that you are more open to meeting other people. When you are not bound by your fellow travellers or family, travelling solo can give you an opportunity to reach out and meet new people.

You get to know yourself

Travelling alone forces us to contemplate and reflect inwards. Without the distraction of others, you are forced to make your own decisions, face your own fears and discover your true self.

You are pushed out of your comfort zone

One of the main drawbacks for those considering travelling alone is being pushed outside of our comfort zone. However, going to unknown places and destinations can challenge us and show on how we can rely on ourselves at difficult times. Putting yourself out there brings an opportunity to discover something new.

 You start to enjoy your own company

Travelling is often a chance to switch off from the daily barrage of emails, calls, work and chores. Travelling alone takes this to a new level, as you are forced to experience and appreciate “me time.” Being alone on the road is a great way to connect with your own inner voice, and learn to be happy just being in the moment.

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