What your taste in coffee says about your personality

What your taste in coffee says about your personality

You could probably recite your morning coffee order in your sleep. But what is your barista really thinking when you reel off your ‘almond milk flat white, extra hot please’?

The guys behind Barker St – Australia’s first online coffee marketplace – have given us some insight into what your coffee order says about your personality:

Latte: You’re a nice guy. Simple, easy-going and straightforward. You say it how it is and always get back to people.

Flat white: The most popular coffee in Australia, the flat white is perfect for the perennial fence sitter. Neither too strong, nor too diluted with sweets or spices, it’s the perfect goldilocks coffee.

Cappuccino: You’re an entry-level coffee drinker. You heard them order it on Friends and you know everyone will know what you’re asking for. Plus, you get the chocolate on top.

Long black: You love hard work (or love pretending like you do). First in the office and last to leave, your no-nonsense attitude powers you through your day.

Mocha: Either you are a 16-year-old, or you have the taste buds of one.

Espresso: You work hard and play hard. You’re in and out with your shot of coffee, which you down before placing the empty cup back on the counter.

Chai latte: Cute that you’re pretending that you belong in this coffee shop.

Anything with almond or soy milk: If you’ve ordered this there is a 100% chance you are also in your gym kit.

Tea: Why are you ordering this from us?

Decaf: Are you ok?



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