What really happens when you drink coke

By Kate Hassett

What really happens when you drink coke

What really happens when you drink coke

A scientist explains what really happens to our body just an hour after consuming the famous beverage.

So we all know that Coca Cola is definitely not a drink that should be consumed on a regular basis, if really, at all. We also know that Coca Cola can be used as a substitute for washing powder if you run out, so what does that tell us? It tells us that we’re putting something in our bodies that can also remove grease and dirt from old sports clothes…

So when pharmacist Niraj Naik, The Renegade Pharmacist, released a diagram breaking down exactly how cola is processed by our bodies after an hour, it was hardly a surprise to see the results weren’t improving our health.

However, what this diagram does show, is the instantaneous effect the sugary drink is having on our bodies.

Here is a breakdown of what the image is describing, which will hopefully make you think twice about consuming cola the next time.

The First 10 Minutes

10 teaspoons, or 100% of your daily intake of sugar, hits your system. The only reason you don’t react by vomiting, is because the phosphoric acid cuts through the sugar hit to deliver it to your body, in a way it can handle.

After 20 Minutes 

The spike in blood sugar starts now. Your liver responds to this insulin explosion by processing the sugar into fat.

After 40 Minutes

Your body has now absorbed the caffeine. As your blood pressure rises the liver responds once again by sending sugar into your bloodstream. The adenosine receptors in your brain are now blocked to prevent drowsiness.

After 45 Minutes

In the same way heroin works, your body increases dopamine levels in the brain that stimulate the pleasure centres.

After 60 Minutes

The Phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine, providing a boost to your metabolism. This acts to force your body to excrete the calcium through the need to urinate.
The calcium, magnesium and zinc that was heading to your bones has now been excreted from your body, along with any sodium, electrolytes and water.

Image: The Renegade Pharmacist; text credit: Wade Meredith
Image: The Renegade Pharmacist; text credit: Wade Meredith


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