What Makes Me Happy

By Michele Manelis

What Makes Me Happy
Most stars will tell you it’s the simple things in life that make them happy. Here are a few specifics from our favourite celebs:


My kids and my wife and I think the innocence with which they look at the world gives me hope when things look particularly bleak.  It’s nice to look at the world through the eyes of a child. It’s a way to reset and kind of reload and get yourself ready for the next day.


My little girl. Anything she does makes me happy, maybe apart from a tantrum. I love being with my friends and I love a bottle of wine in the evening with a nice meal. I love watching Breaking Bad. I’m into that right now.  I also love to read and I love to cook. Pretty normal boring things.


My children, but they are not so little anymore – actually they are bigger than me – they make me happy. And my family is not a little thing and that is probably my core, the core of my life and the most important part of my life. And in terms of other little things that make feel happy – I love to do yoga, it makes me feel good. And I like to decorate my house and I love my garden but I am not good at gardening but I like to look at it. I like to see my friends and I love to walk and sometimes it’s just being able to appreciate the people in my life.


I like to hike, I like to hang out with friends. I’ve been learning how to surf this year so that’s probably my main obsession thing right now so I’m just trying to get better. It’s a hard thing to learn so that’s probably been the greatest joy in my life right now.


Simplicity makes me happy and it’s a rare commodity and has been for a number of years. Simplicity, being able to hang out with my girl and read the newspaper and sit back and read a book by some hero, someone that I admire like Lawrence Krauss or Christopher Hitchens. I suppose that’s it, simplicity.  That’s really what I enjoy.


Little things, like tea. I’d love a cup of tea right now. I’ve got a big bucket of tea in my hotel room that I’m going to dive into in a while. What else? I got into VEEP recently, the Julia Louis-Dreyfus show. That makes me very happy and actually I was just away doing a job and we were doing loads of night shoots and we were pressed for time every single day and so I’d just go home and the best way for me to kind of Zen out was to watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus be a bloody genius on screen and spin around in her little chair.  Those little things keep me happy. 


What makes me happy is my age.  I think it was Andy Rooney who said, ‘Never marry a woman under 40 because a woman over 40 will never ask you what you’re thinking.  She doesn’t care.’ And he’s right.  You’ll never have to ask a woman over 40 what she’s thinking because she’ll tell you.  A woman over 40 loves when you go out with your buddies because she wants the night to herself.  There’s something about getting to a certain place where you find happiness and for me it’s right now.


I have a little grandson and one on the way – my family makes me supremely happy.  I love being in the natural world and when I’m hearing music in a concert hall and also when working with colleagues that I enjoy and you’re all working in a bubble of concentration.   



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