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What is tinted serum? The new low-key makeup must-have


What is tinted serum? The new low-key makeup must-have

How much has your makeup routine changed since 2019? The last couple of years have bought about a huge number of changes, including the way we approach doing our faces.

The pandemic has forced our lifestyles to evolve significantly and as a result, plenty of us are still embracing a more low-key approach to our personal style.

Its doesn’t mean track pants 24/7, but it may mean we’ve dialed back the makeup approach a little. If this is you, rest in the knowledge you’re not the only one.

Right now there’s an undeniable desire for fresh, modern makeup that has skincare benefits, doesn’t require labored-over application and delivers an end result that makes you look happy, well-rested and comfortable in your own skin. This desire has given rise to a new subset of multi-tasking foundations known as tinted serums.

What are tinted serums?

They aren’t simply skincare and they’re not just for coverage. Tinted serums live somewhere in-between, but are far more modern than tinted moisturisers.

Generally the majority of a formulation is dedicated to advanced skincare ingredients, largely those that deliver line-plumping hydration but they can also include other intentions. These can include protective antioxidants designed to brighten your complexion and ward off environmental damage, as well as those designed to minimise the signs of aging and prevent sun damage.

The remainder of the typically very-fluid tints is a sheer-medium pigment designed to spread quickly, skimming over skin and evening out tone but without any full, mask-like coverage. Most are sheer to medium coverage although some are buildable

What’s more, they are most easy to apply with your fingers, blending quickly without the need to carefully monitor any chin ‘tidelines’ or colour catching in your hairline.

Another common denominator is that the finish is fresh and dewy but doesn’t feel sticky or tacky.

What are the best tinted serums?

There are a few new arrivals but one interesting option is the Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s brand Rose Inc (above and top).

The serum contains microencapsulated pigment spheres that float within a clear skincare base infused with hyaluronic acid. You apply it with a dense-bristle brush which blends the pigment into the serum and across your skin as you apply.  It feels light, like you’re applying skincare, unsurprising since it also contains squalane to weightlessly hydrate the skin and peptides to help protect against environmental damage.

The end result is the perfect option for everyday, working-from-home or weekend makeup. Or, if you prefer the low-key glam, it makes skin so glowy it’s easy to touch up when you’re heading out at night too. The tinted serum brightens and blurs imperfections beautifully but looks like real skin.

The downside of this and most other tinted serums option out right now is the colour range is less diverse than many full-coverage options but this may change.

Other notable tinted serums to try include L’Oréal Paris True Match Nude Tinted Serum that also relies on the hydration benefits of Hyaluronic acid, Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 that has a glowy finish and decent sun protection, Hermès Plein Air Complexion Balm that has a thicker balm texture but similar skincare-focused formula and light coverage. Tarte’s Sea Hydroflex Serum Foundation is another worthy player, making the most of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, marine plant extracts and sea daffodil to boost skin. The medium-coverage lightweight formula is referred to by the brand as the ‘yoga pants of foundation’ and if that isn’t selling us, I don’t know what will!




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