What is the Future of Education?


What is the Future of Education?
Just how different will our children's learning experiences be to our own?

We caught up with founder of early childhood centre Bear Park, Sue Stevely-Cole, to discuss the future of education.

What will our children’s children’s learning experience be like?

This is an expansive, complex question. I think successful teachers of the future will be those who make the learning experience more meaningful and tailored to the individual. There will be many avenues on offer for the child in their learning journey. Schools and early childhood centres will value the importance of being hands on, and children will be encouraged to design, critique, play and build knowledge around ideas that interest them personally.

As the world continues to change at a fast pace, more emphasis will be placed on creativity. The ability to think laterally, and not just regurgitate information, will be of huge importance. Creativity will be valued as an essential skill for every child to develop, not just a select few. We will continue to have more access to information than ever before, and so our relationship with technology must mature. I like to think that education will still require the strong presence of actual teachers, and that digital advancement won’t replace the humanistic side of education.

Future learning must stress the importance that anything is possible, and what isn’t realistic now will be possible in the future.




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