What is ‘caffeine delay’? Can it prevent the mid-afternoon slump?


What is ‘caffeine delay’? Can it prevent the mid-afternoon slump?
Could caffeine delay positively impact your energy, alertness and overall wellbeing?

There’s no shortage of health trends making the rounds on social media. One of the latest hacks to go viral is ‘caffeine delay’.

It’s a simple concept – instead of consuming your coffee immediately after you wake up, wait 90-120 minutes for that first cup of joe.

The theory is that by delaying your caffeine intake, you also delay that mid-afternoon slump.

The idea was popularised by controversial American neuroscientist and wellness influencer Andrew Huberman.

In a 2022 Instagram post, he explained that morning coffee drinkers would crash by the afternoon, then turn to a second coffee to pep back up, only to disrupt their sleep.

Hence, if you’re prone to an afternoon slump, delaying your first coffee could be a good idea.


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Huberman later clarified that the concept of a caffeine delay may not work for everyone. However, many people may find it beneficial for maintaining balanced energy levels and reducing caffeine dependency.


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