Wellness Expert Libby Matthews Launches New Supplement Range

Libby Matthews is taking her love of health and wellness to the next level launching Dose & Co, a new range of clean, sustainable probiotic protein powders and bio-available collagen powders. Matthews said she first had the idea to launch her own company when she began studying nutrition and naturopathy to help with the health conditions she had been dealing with since a teenager. “After changing my diet and lifestyle I was able to transform my health. During this journey, I came to understand the importance of good nutrition and good quality supplements,” Matthews says. While she understood the importance of fueling her body correctly for overall wellbeing she quickly discovered that many of the supplements available were full of unnecessary fillers, artificial sugars and poor quality ingredients. “This is when I set myself the task of creating a product line that is focused on using the best quality ingredients that improve health from the inside out,” she explains. 

We caught up with Libby Matthews to find out everything you need to know about Dose & Co.

Protein powder is constantly evolving. Why did you decide to use probiotics?

Some of the powerful health benefits of probiotics include improving gut health, increasing nutrient intake, boosting the immune system, and improving mood. I think everyone would benefit from taking probiotics which is why I wanted to add them to the range of Dose & Co. protein powders. It’s two supplements in one. There are also studies to show that the specific probiotic we use is one of the only probiotics strains that can survive in food products due to its unique structure that safeguards the cells genetic material from manufacturing processes, shelf-life and the journey through the digestive system. This means that the probiotic is going to do its job in the gut.

There are some other interesting ingredients in the protein powder that people may not be familiar with – monk fruit extract, European golden peas. Can you talk about why you used these particular ingredients?

We use monk fruit extract to sweeten our protein powder. Monk fruit contains compounds that, when extracted, are natural sweeteners but with no effect on blood sugar and no calories. Monk fruit has long been regarded as the “longevity fruit” thanks to its high antioxidant levels. I wanted to use this over stevia which can spike blood sugar levels and can often make foods taste too sweet and sickly. I have been using protein for years and I always found that whey protein upset my stomach. When we were formulating our protein powder, we tried numerous pea proteins and found that the one we use was the smoothest tasting with no strange after taste, like other plant-based proteins. We use European golden peas that are grown and manufactured in Germany. Pea protein powder is among the most hypoallergenic of all protein powders, as it contains no gluten, soy or dairy. It’s also easy on the tummy and doesn’t cause bloating, a common side effect of many other protein powders.

What is unique about Dose & Co.’s Collagen Creamer?

The Dose & Co creamer is New Zealand’s first collagen creamer. Living in America I see that creamers are hugely popular, but they are often loaded with sugar and artificial flavours. I thought it was a good idea to have a dairy-free creamer made from coconut milk powder and collagen. Not only are you getting 10 grams of collagen per serve, but you are also getting a dose of good fats from the coconut. Our creamers come in two flavours, Mocha and Vanilla and can be added to coffee as a milk alternative or blended into smoothies. They are dairy free, gluten free and sugar-free.

Why is what we fuel our body with vital to both inner health and outer beauty?

I spent years with eczema and acne and tried every beauty product to combat both. It wasn’t until I changed my diet and lifestyle my skin cleared. When I have a week of eating poorly, I find that my skin can breakout. This is why it’s so important to be fueling our body with the right foods because they have a direct effect on our outer beauty, specifically our skin, hair and nails. Our diet also has a direct effect on our energy levels and mood. When we are eating the right foods, we are going to achieve optimal health on the inside and outside.

Libby Matthews Dose & Co

Libby Matthews’ new Dose & Co. probiotic protein powders come in three flavours and are vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free.

You travel a lot and you’re a busy mum. How do you maintain balance and wellness when you’re on the go?

It can be hard maintaining balance and wellness when travelling. I definitely focus on eating the right foods and packing snacks to help with energy levels. Whether the destination is a short car ride or a long flight, having an arsenal of healthy, non-perishable snacks can make the difference between processed airport, petrol station or bakery food. I always make sure I’m drinking enough water to stay well hydrated, this can help with jet lag, skin health and energy levels.

What is your own personal approach to beauty?

I’m a huge believer in nourishing my body from the inside out which is why I follow a healthy diet with lots of whole foods and take Dose & Co probiotic protein powder and collagen creamer. This helps my skin, hair and nail health so I don’t need to use an abundance of expensive skin and hair products.

And to wellbeing?
I think good quality sleep is so important and with a toddler sometimes that isn’t achievable. I make sure I go to bed early if I know I’m going to get woken up through the night or woken up extra early. Exercise is huge for me and I aim to exercise most days even if it’s a 30-minute walk, it helps with my mental health, mood and energy levels. ensure I am eating good quality foods and the right foods. This can determine how well our inner systems work and the deficiency of some vital elements can have an impact on mental health. Lastly, I make sure I am surrounding myself with positive people and spending quality time with my daughter and husband, for me that has a direct impact on my sense of well-being.

What’s your favourite way to fuel your body with beauty in mind?

The food we eat becomes our cells, our blood, our organs, our bones – every single part of us. I make sure I’m eating 5+ servings of fruit and vegetables every day and staying well hydrated. This makes a huge difference to my health and well-being. I try to keep processed foods and alcohol to a minimum and cut right back on dairy as it makes me feel sluggish. In saying that, if I want a treat, I will have one!

Libby Matthews’ new Dose & Co, Probiotic Protein Powders and Collagen Creamers are available now at from $54.90, in fully biodegradable packaging.

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The Benefits of Vitamin A Skincare

Vitamin A, or retinol – a derivative of vitamin A – has long been touted as the hero of the. But even with its well-known youth-restoring properties, there’s still a lot of confusion as to why we should be using it and how we use vitamin A skincare to see the best results. For anyone who wants healthy, resilient skin the why, according to experts, is compelling. “Retinol helps with overall textural and tone improvement, and it can be beneficial for numerous different signs of ageing. It helps with cell turnover, making skin look more youthful,” explains New York-based Dr. Dendy Engelman, Elizabeth Arden consulting dermatologist and cosmetic and skin cancer surgeon. “It also helps to support skin’s natural collagen and elastin, thus improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,” she explains.

How to Use Vitamin A Skincare

As for how to use retinol-based skincare, that’s when things can become a little more complicated explains Dr. Ellen Selkon, appearance medicine expert at Clinic 42. “There’s some debate about when to begin using retinol, however, prevention is key, the sooner you can start on retinol the better,” Selkon explains. While retinol is sometimes used to treat acne in teenagers most clients, Selkon believes the early to late twenties is the best time to start using retinol. “It should really be part of everyone’s nighttime routine,” she adds.  The earlier you start working on something – the earlier you will see results.

If you’ve ever used retinol and have been put off by redness, flakiness or sensitivity, Selkon explains that it’s not an allergy or intolerance but you could be using too much product or strength your skin isn’t quite ready for. Dr. Des Fernandes, founder and scientific director of Environ agrees and says although retinol is a highly effective molecule when it comes to skin health, it is also rather aggressive. “When one does not have enough retinoid receptors, retinoid reactions can be induced at even low does,” he explains. “The reality is that when one applies retinol to the surface of the skin it enters the skin as retinol and irritates the outer membranes of the cell if there are not enough retinoid receptors.”

Work Vitamin A Skincare into Your Routine Slowly 

As a precautionary measure, Fernandes recommends building up your tolerance slowly by using “softer” versions of vitamin A, that are still effective but won’t irritate the skin so much  which is why Environ have developed their unique STEP-UPTM SYSTEM to allow the skin to gradually adapt to increasing levels of vitamin A.  Less is more when starting out,” says Selkon. “Depending on strength you will want to start out using it every second to third night and then build up to every night after a few weeks.” Regular appointments with your skin therapist will ensure you’re getting the most out of your skincare routine explains Selkon. “Your strength of Retinol should be increased from time to time according to what you can tolerate and your age to keep receiving the maximum benefit.”

The Best Vitamin A Skincare Products

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