Wearable technology that measures optimum UV exposure


Wearable technology that measures optimum UV exposure
A new device has launched to help users safely get what they need from the sun

The first ever wearable technology to measure UV dosage and Vitamin D generation has just been revealed by creators Ultra, inc.

Aptly named Violet, the technology is used to measure the wearer’s individual accumulated ultraviolet (UV) dosage in addition to effective vitamin D generation. By partnering with a mobile device (Android or iPhone), Violet provides real-time data on overall sun exposure.

The device is simple and light-weight, designed to be worn on the wrist or attached to clothing, although it is also effective  if located within close proximity to the user. Able to be programmed to store several personal settings, Violet can be shared between users.

Violet is aimed at those concerned about the negative effects of sun exposure, as well as the risk associated with under-exposure as Ultra CEO Nattapon Chaimanonart explains “Over exposure to sunlight can increase the risk of skin cancer, skin ageing, immune suppression and eye damage. But under-exposure to sunlight can lead to vitamin D deficiency – a major risk factor for bone diseases, diabetes, depression, some common cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Developed by a team of entrepruneurs, electrical engineers, software developers, biomedical researchers, a world-renowned dermatologist and user interface/experience designers, Dr Andrew Blauvelt, M.D., M.B.A. dermatologist and President of the Oregon Medical Research Center says “Ultra created an outstanding device with unique solutions relevant to a growing population of health conscious individuals”.

“There is no similar product on the market. Violet is the only device capable of capturing both UV exposure and vitamin D production data, and personalising them to achieve balance for each end user”.

The device aims to capture a segment of the rapidly expanding $3 billion global wearable computing market, which according to the Wall street Journal, is expected  to grow annually by 43%, with $30.2 billion forecast for 2018.



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