Wearable health tech could spell the end of the sickie

By Maria Kyriacou

Wearable health tech could spell the end of the sickie
Big brother is watching you – and it seems you’re not really as sick as you say!

Imagine if your boss could use technology to check whether or not you’re putting on the croaky voice you’ve called in sick with.

Employee absenteeism could be a thing of the past if devices with personal sensors such as the Fitbit continue to advance, increasing health-monitoring capabilities.

Wearable tech is currently a newish fad used by individuals to check how many steps they’ve taken, how long they’ve slept or what they’ve been putting in their mouths.

In the future the information these devices collect could be added together by employers to monitor the whereabouts of employees or the state of their health. The possibilities for employers could be endless, and raise ethical questions if they go as far as monitoring people’s mental health.

The possibility is not that far off with BP UK offering employees Fitbits with the understanding that the company has access to their data. Some have questioned if the offer will eventually become a mandatory requirement with devices shackled to employees.

Some people have already found ways around wearable tech, with some strapping Fitbits to their pets or even their children. People will always search for such loopholes and the creators of the devices will need to keep on top of these.

Would you accept a wearable device from your boss?



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