We speak to the experts about what causes pigmentation and how to remove it


We speak to the experts about what causes pigmentation and how to remove it
Hyperpigmentation can be tricky to budge with skincare alone, but Dr Lanzer Skin Clinics have a number of treatments designed to finally budge the brown patches of skin.

When it comes to achieving bright, even and beautiful skin, hyperpigmentation is often our enemy number one. 

The sunspots, discoloured acne scars, and irregular brown patches are areas of skin that look darker than your natural skin tone thanks to overproduction of the pigment called melanin.

Incredibly common, hyperpigmentation is a broad term that covers the range of types that show up with varying degrees of severity, affecting all skin types and colours. 

A number of factors can cause pigmentation to show up on skin, although some are more common than others. Down under, where UV damage is prevalent, time spent in the sun without adequate protection is a leading cause. 

Genetic factors can also mean you are predisposed to getting it, but other causes include skin trauma from cuts and bites or breakouts that sets off inflammation, a change in hormones, pregnancy, prescription medication and more.

The good news is that there are plenty of different treatments to choose from. Among them are the large lumber of skincare options that promise to help, but for persistent patches or larger areas they may not be effective and it can be frustrating when you don’t get the results you’re after. 

It’s when turning to aesthetic treatments from a skin professional for help can be worth it. Among the huge scope of modern cosmetic treatments on offer, Dr Lanzer Skin Clinics specialise in treating pigmentation with a number of innovative, dermatologist-approved options that are designed to help. 

In particular advanced laser treatment is a popular option, used to effectively reduce the appearance of unwanted pigmentation and help to even out uneven skin tone without causing trauma to the surrounding tissue.

Delivered via the Cutera Excel V withCoolView, the laser light is absorbed by superficial melanin in the skin. Depending on the type of pigmentation the pigmented cells will either darken and rise to the surface and flake off over 10-14 days, or the laser will shatter the pigmented cells and the body will naturally flush the pigment out through the lymphatic system.

Another option is treatment with Green Genesis, a laser specifically designed to reducing the appearance of red and browns in the skin on the face and body.

For further all round skin rejuvenation,  Dr Lanzer Skin Clinics also offer fractional skin resurfacing using radio-frequency using Alma-Lasers Accent Prime technology.

Not sure you’re ready for the high tech options? The clinic also offers a series of glycolic peels that can help reduce pigmentation and smooth and brighten skin.

Depending on the type of pigmentation, your skin type and the treatment that best suits your goals, a course of several treatments is generally required. To ensure the best plan of action is clearly mapped out for you and any queries you have addressed, you can book a free consultation to go over what you’d like to achieve and how the treatment options might be able to help. 

Crucial in maintaining beautiful, clear and bright skin, the experts at Dr Lanzer Skin Clinics will also guide you to take a comprehensive approach to minimising pigmentation by undertaking an effective home skincare routine as well as protecting your fresh, new complexion from further UV damage when you’re out and about. 

  • All surgery has risks and Dr Lanzer recommends seeking a second medical opinion.

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