Watch this little girl’s dream come true

By Kate Hassett

Watch this little girl’s dream come true
Kicking goals!

Lacy Parker has dreamed of making the cheerleading squad at her school, ever since her sister made the team a few years ago.

Game after game, she has watched from the sidelines, honing her skills and quietly becoming a master. Until this week when all her training and hard work paid off and she finally made the DeSoto Middle School cheerleading team.

Lacy’s mum said she never doubted her ability for a second, “She’s never said ‘I can’t,’ she’s never wanted anybody to treat her different. She’s always told us ‘I just want to be like everybody else,'” said Renee.

“I just love to cheer!” said Lacy.

Renee Parker hopes that Lacy’s story will inspire others who might be too scared, or feel inadequate, to follow their own dreams.

“Down syndrome is a label, it’s not who she is. She’s an amazing little girl who strives to do whatever she wants to do,” said Renee

Lacey’s next goal is to get her drivers license and buy a black mustang.



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