Watch Sarah Silverman share Pay Gap truisms

By Kate Hassett

Watch Sarah Silverman share Pay Gap truisms
In a candid moment of seriousness for Comedian Sarah Silverman, Levo interviewed the stand-up about her views on the Pay Gap issues for their Office Hours segment.

Satirical rhetoric was pushed to the side as Silverman addressed her experiences with the gender Pay Gap in a candid interview for Levo.

The interview, which is part of a social media campaign aimed at raising awareness about the gender pay gap, urges women to address their employment situation and #ask4more.

During the five-minute interview, Silverman spoke about receiving 1/6 of the pay of her male equal following a comedy club performance in New York.

“I’m all for women having to work harder to prove themselves at this juncture if that’s the way it is in the world, but it you’re working a job and a man is working the same job, you should be getting paid the same.”

She went on to eloquently address the differing factors that determine pay structure and allotment of funds but maintained, “I don’t think anyone’s asking for anything that’s more than fair.”

Silverman added that she receives the most violent and hateful of responses whenever she tweeted “anything women’s rights related – equal pay or healthcare…it’s so odd, it’s just bizarre”.

Relating her experience playing basketball with men, to the way she judged her own merit and self-worth, Silverman articulated the struggle against self-doubt and how she overcame it.

“You can’t take a shot and miss and feel like it means you’ve missed one hundred shots… the guys shoot and miss all the time, most of the time, and they get better. Since I’ve realised that, since I’ve realised it comes from inside me – how you think, what you think you deserve”.

“I think as women and as a whole, if we can understand what we deserve…we can get great at what we do, but it has to come from inside. There’s something about being able to ask for what you deserve”.

Do you feel like you could ask for more?




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