3 foods that will whiten your teeth naturally

By Mariam Digges

3 foods that will whiten your teeth naturally
Want whiter teeth? Try eating dark chocolate, cheese and strawberries.

When it comes to staining teeth, we know that coffee and red wine are the main culprits. But did you know there are foods you can eat to stop them from staining?

A leading Beverly Hills dentist has found that dark chocolate, cheese and strawberries are all helpful in whitening teeth, particularly when eaten first thing in the morning.

According to Dr Katz, dark chocolate helps harden the enamel surface of teeth, cheese makes the mouth less acidic (reducing risk of tooth erosion), while strawberries contain malic acid, which helps to remove stains.

Dark chocolate “contains theobromine, a bitter powder which helps harden the enamel surface of teeth,” says Katz.

Green tea is also beneficial, as it contains tannins which prevent staining due to their ability to block bacteria from sticking to the teeth. Green tea is doubly effective for reducing bad breath, containing chemicals called polyphenols which fight oral acids and bacteria.

Eating cheese, according to the dentist, increases pH level in the mouth, making it less acidic and decreasing chance of discolouration and tooth erosion.

And strawberries are the only berries that contain malic acid, an enzyme that actually naturally cleans stains off the teeth. In fact, blending mashed strawberries with baking soda creates a natural teeth-whitening agent.

Some foods naturally clean the teeth due to their crunchy, abrasive texture. Katz claims seeds, nuts, apples and pears can help naturally scrub plaque from teeth.


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