Vitamin K2 and the benefits for Heart Health.

By Kate Hassett

Vitamin K2 and the benefits for Heart Health.
New studies have shown the importance of Vitamin K2 in maintaining heart health and preventing cardiovascular disease.

The vitamin, which has previously been used as a treatment and preventative of Osteoporosis, has now been found to increase arterial flexibility, which aids in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In a study of 244 postmenopausal women taking a daily dose of Vitamin K2 for three years, results showed a vast improvement in the stiffness of their blood vessels. This ‘stiffness’ aids in healthy circulation and improving heart health.

Craig Fallshaw, founder of Complementary Medicines Group, states that these studies provide a serious development in the management and prevention of chronic disease; “It has the most comprehensive set of clinical trial data I have seen on a complementary medicine and it not only helps to treat disease but it also works as a preventative.”

The supplement works by activating proteins in the body, including Osteocalcin and Matrix GLA Protein, which transmits calcium to the bones where it is needed – instead of building up in the arteries.

Australian Nutritional Scientist Christopher Speed said that every member of the population could benefit from the K2 supplement.

“Recent studies show that adults over the age of 40 are second only to children when it comes to having the largest Vitamin K2 deficiency. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Vitamin K2 deficiencies are, in fact, rectifiable, and doing so would create a healthier population – men and women, old and young.”

 Do you take K2 supplements? Has it improved your overall health? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.



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